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By Claire Hastings

Top Accessories
for Your Fall-Winter Wardrobe in 2019

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Okay, we all have some acclimatization to do since we’ve barely said our goodbyes to summer, and now we need to deal with the dropping temperatures and frequent rainy days that come with fall and winter. The best stylish way to cope with this change of seasons is to find the most delightful new trends to wear, to add some fresh hues, interesting patterns, and quirky fabrics into our fashionable lives. 

Although you can always invest in the entire fall collection presented by the most prestigious designers of today, there’s something uniquely fun and exciting about using accessories to elevate our look and to boost our mood when we’re feeling the fall and winter blues kicking in. Looking for some worthy inspiration? Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Bold chokers for the bold you

It seems that this old but gold trend has no intention of leaving us just yet. Or ever, for that matter! Although you can always bring out your older chokers, you know, the velvet black ones, the ultra violet ones, and the lacy ones, this year and this season is all about going big or going home. 

Chokers made of chains, chokers with massive spikes the likes found in the impressive Gucci collection, or chokers with pendants and some extra glitz all over are all the rage. These pieces let you use them as your one and only go-to accessory for a memorable fall look.

Perk up your locks

If you’re more of a boho girl and in the mood for something a little more subtle and feminine than studded chokers, then you can actually focus on how to use less to achieve more. When it comes to your lovely hair, using versatile scrunchies to make different hairstyles is a perfect way to give your look that delicate vibe. Create your own entire collection by adding pieces made of velvet for a classy look, faux fur for a rebellious look, or silky and tie-dye for a more authentic expression.

Sometimes, you’re just an updo away from that dreamy fall look that no amount of rain can affect. Not to mention that these handy little accessories are very useful for changing weather and your hair changing its mood with it. 

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Funky earrings

What does qualify as funky? Well, according to the latest trends, there are many different options that will perfectly fit that description and give your style that wow effect. For instance, colorful tassel earrings are a great addition to your party look, while Prabal Gurung’s take on armor earrings is as over-the-top as it gets and equally majestic. 

Although you don’t have to go all out and embrace the most massive earrings on display, you can certainly play around with the trend to add something as prominent and eye-catching as these baubles. Their beauty lies in the fact that you can easily pair them with your most sophisticated little black dress as well as your casual daywear such as your jeans and tees. 

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Retro vibes with scarves

Some accessories steal the spotlight with their appeal alone, but others are all the more memorable because they serve a dual purpose: they’re functional in addition to being gorgeous. Have you checked out your scarf collection lately? Although monochrome and simple black or grey scarves do go with anything, this season will be all about breathing some life into your scarves with the help of vintage patterns and hues.

Another great perk of lovely scarves is that you can wear them any way you please: as a hairband, as a quirky belt, as a choker, a back tie, to tie your hair, you name it, the scarf in question can pull it off!

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Mismatching is the way to go

Not everyone can or should pull off the mismatching patterns trend, even though it’s so tempting to mimic Katy Perry or another celeb wearing stripes with florals or polka dots with geometry shapes. You can try some clashing moments with your accessories for a less “loud” effect until you figure out how well this works for your personality. 

For example, mismatched earrings, both in length and in type is going to be one of the best ways to show off your rebellious spirit this fall and winter. Asymmetry through clashing is a wonderful way to add some variety to your look while you explore what makes you tick.

Accessories can be the simplest, but most prominent feature of your entire look. This cold season is bringing some incredible and creative ways to express yourself through accessorizing, so bring out your mirror and start looking for ways to diversify your look through these add-ons!

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