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By Luke Douglas

7 Real Girl Tips for Styling Your Rings

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You might not know but the finger rings that you wear and how you style them play a great role in making you look fashionable. If you are someone who loves wearing finger rings, you need to make sure that you know about the perfect styling tips and how the rings are going to go with the dress that you are wearing for the day. 

Firstly, you must shop around and look for the necessary pieces, which will help in pulling off your entire look. You might prefer chunky rings or delicate bands. Irrespective of the rings that you are choosing, you have to make sure that you are looking cool and fashionable. Given below is a list of the tips that you should consider. 

For girls who like geometric shapes and gold

If you are a lover of gold as well as geometric shapes, it is suggested that you consider sliding the heavy rings already present on your fingers to the bottom. Balance this look with thick and amazing geometric shapes on both your little fingers. The middle, as well as pointer fingers, needs to be styled with rings that are thin and delicate. This will help in creating a statement look, which you can also carry when you are going for any formal event. 

For girls who like gemstones and colors

If you love rings, it is obvious that you will not have a problem investing in rings that have colorful gemstones. Apart from this, it is suggested that you also look for the perfect midi ring, which will complement the design of the rings with gemstones. Ensure that you are wearing these pieces every day so that they look natural and blend perfectly with the dresses that you are wearing.

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For girls who like silver

Silver rings are available in different unique shapes. They are responsible for giving a Bohemian look to whoever is wearing it. When you are wearing silver rings, it is suggested that you consider combining delicate pieces with chunky and stylish rings. Silver is going to go perfectly when you are thinking of going minimal. You can also consider purchasing Tungsten Rings from reputed websites. 

For girls who love getting personal

Many girls love to personalize everything right from their mobile covers to their finger rings. It is suggested that you look for rings that have your initials. Make sure that you are balancing these rings with simple and delicate bands so that people understand that your name starts with the letter that you are wearing on your fingers. 

For girls who love staking up

This is also one of the simplest and best ways of creating a statement with the rings that you are wearing. You can create a unique look by mixing shapes and metals. Stack all the rings upon the pointer finger. This is going to help in creating a bossy look and it will also give the illusion that you are wearing a single heavy ring. This will go perfectly even when you are in formal attire. 

For girls who like Pearls

This look is for the girl who doesn't mind a mishmash of shapes. Get your fashion dose with some piece of jewelry such as this pearl ring. It is fascinating how pearls always look great with any kind of outfit, time of the year or if it’s in style or not. You can smoothly combine pearls rings with other rings if you want your hands to be a focal part of your look. 

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For girls who choose Marble 

Popularity of the marble accessories there is no chance to leave it from over list. A huge number of girls choose marble rings because they look absolutely amazing. Also, the marble effect will bring your look class and sophistication within seconds. You can get a slight touch of the marble design on your ring and still look sleek, chic and elegant. Another ring that is extraordinary for business women that like to decorate their working outfits.

Loving finger rings is not enough. You need to have an idea about how you can style them. Ensure that you are following the tips that have been mentioned above so that you look gorgeous with your finger rings.

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