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By Nina Simons

Fashionista Decor Ideas for Holidays

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Have you been thinking about how to make these holidays truly special?

Even though everybody is going to do their best to amaze with their home decor, you could up your game this year by introducing some really interesting design solutions.

After all, you want to feel spoiled, pampered, comfortable and luxurious around the holidays, right?

1. Holiday mood under the candlelight

Candles are a classic but a wonderful way to bring holiday mood into your home. Try grouping around 15 of them together or placing white pillar candles of different sizes close to one another on the dining table or a large plate on the cupboard.

The candles you plan to put on the dining table should not be scented so as not to mix with the smell of food. However, the ones spread around the room and the rest of the home should be scented awaken childhood memories and gentle feelings. Select a fragrance that is reminiscent of the season, like pumpkin, apple, tobacco or sandalwood.

The light the candles shed and the smell they produce will definitely get you in the holiday mood.

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2. Modern woodland tree for an original holiday look

Who says your Christmas tree needs to look more or less similar to all the others? Make an unexpected change this year by turning to the natural approach. There's nothing gentler and more relaxing than wood tones, natural textures and warm color schemes on the Christmas tree. A woodland tree doesn't mean you have to be sparse with the ornaments but the way they complement each other is important for the overall feel. The size and spacing of the ornaments should be random so that it doesn't look too serious or perfectly planned - you are aiming at a naturalistic approach, remember.

3. Enjoy in warm, cozy layers

A lot of layers during the winter season instantly make the room cozy and welcoming, perfect for afternoon reading and drinking tea or the pleasant evening conversation with a glass of wine. There's something comforting about being able to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and look at the Christmas tree.

So, you need to switch to soft, puffy cushions and blankets and be generous - the more of them there are around your home, the cozier the home will be. Stick to knits and velvets, as well as patterns like plaid. Place a cozy throw on the arm of the chair and decorate the sofa and the armchair with lovely cushions in bright, warm colors. You can use holiday colors, as well as texture, to create a sweet feeling of expectation of what is soon to come. Lastly, place an oversized knit blanket under the tree ad the final touch of warmth.

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4. Go full indulgence with a bar cart

If you have always been thinking how cool it would be to have a bar cart, the holiday season is the perfect time to make your wish come true. Just think - you will have a fully loaded bar cart right in the hallway or possibly in the dining room or the living room. That way, the moment your guests arrive, they will be able to choose their favorite drink. You will always be ready for a cocktail party, which more than perfect for the upcoming holiday season. There's something luxurious and elegant about a bar cart and you should have it.

5. Bring nature into your home

It's so easy to go outside and collect natural elements that can be used as decorative items in numerous ways. For example, you can group curly branches or cut greenery in various shades of green. Another way is to use house plants and flowers that are especially attractive in the fall and winter, such as orange lilies, maidenhair ferns, orchids, and green hydrangeas. Another option is to display a lovely silver tray and fill it with apples, pomegranates or oranges. When Christmas approaches, fill a crockpot with berries and birch logs - it will be a lovely addition to any living room.

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6. Get creative with cut wood

Bringing nature into the home can have a new meaning if you use cut wood as decorations inside your home. If you are one of the lucky people who have a fireplace in the living room, get a natural seagrass basket and store firewood in it. It will add texture to space around the fireplace and be a lovely decorative addition but it will also keep the area neat. In case your fireplace isn't functional, then use a different trick - fill it with split logs. It will instantly make the room homey and warm, making it look almost like those cute cottages deep into the woods. It sounds like a fairytale, right?

Holidays are usually very inspiring for people - they move us and motivate us to try out new decorations and styles. We all want to feel special at that time of the year, and these tips will definitely make this holiday season different than any other before. Just pour your heart into it and don't be afraid to get a bit playful and quirky - after all, the holidays are when we feel free to try out new things.

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