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By Jessica Smith

How to keep your teeth healthy and white for long?

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Teeth are an essential part of the human body. Teeth serve the function of using the mouth to eat, smile, speak, and giving out the shape to a person's face. Kids have 20 sets of teeth called as baby teeth. An adult has 32 permanent teeth. Over some time, the structure and teeth set changes throughout a person's lifetime.

It is very crucial to have good oral care – teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene is vital to keep teeth healthy and pearly white. Without proper oral hygiene, issues like tooth decay and gum problem will persist. Oral health problems could affect a person's overall health and lifestyle.

Without proper care or treatment – it would lead to tooth decay and loss, pain, gum problems, and overall confidence of a person. The outcome of these could be speech problems and malnutrition.

People could avoid getting into such complications by taking necessary care of their teeth and gums. And follow a routine to have those pearly whites till old age! The following are crucial steps for healthy and white teeth:

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A regular visit to the dentist 

This tip is on the first spot because the people most neglect this step. People ignore going to the dentist – and prefer a dentist visit when problems go out of hand. Healthcare providers advise that people see the dentist every six months. During the examination, a dentist could clear out the plaque and hardened tartar, which will eventually lead to clean and healthy teeth.

They can also check out any early signs of mouth cancer, tooth decay, or any other oral disease. A dentist could advise X-rays and other tests for any signs of oral health deterioration. There doesn’t need to be any specific doctor or dentist to go. People could always Google the best dentist near me and pay a visit to one.

Brushing Teeth 

Brushing teeth is the most important and religious routine, followed by people around the globe. Yet the routine should be done correctly for the best of a person’s teeth. Dentist recommends that one should brush teeth twice daily.

An individual should brush teeth in circular motions taking care of back and front teeth. Avoid aggressive brushing at all costs. People should not brush teeth like sawing motions – those are sensitive teeth, not wood!

American Dental Association recommends the use of soft bristles brush. Hard bristles could lead to tooth erosion and could lead to sensitivity. One should change the brush every three months for quality brushing activity.

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Flossing teeth 

Sometimes brushing may not be able to remove plaque between the teeth effectively. Flossing can remove all the debris and the remaining plague from the teeth. Flossing could help to remove bad breath. The dentist recommends flossing once a day. 

Use of Fluorides 

Fluoride is a mineral that is present in your teeth and bones. Fluoride is beneficial for teeth as it: prevents tooth decay, builds strong teeth, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, and remineralizes outside layer of teeth – enamel. 

Fluoride is available in many over-the-counter products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and health supplements. Dentists and physicians recommend the use of fluorides.

Limitations on Sugar 

Sugar is the main villain of all oral health issues. In taking of high-calorie foods containing sugar could lead to early teeth decay. Processed foods and cold drinks contain a high amount of sugar. Common culprits are candies and desserts for the kids. The WHO recommends that people should have sugar intake below 10 percent of the daily amount.

Sugar products are the leading cause of cavities. Sugar remaining in the mouth could break down into simple sugars – on which bacteria grow further, causing tooth decay. It is imperative to avoid too much sugar for teeth and health.

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Avoid Smoking 

Smoking affects the appearance of the teeth, turning them yellow. Smoking influences on body’s natural immunity system, causing mouth problems and interfere with tissue productions. The worst-case scenario is cancer! People should rethink their smoking habits for total oral health.

Say no to beverages 

Beverages containing sugar could leave stains on teeth. Stains on teeth are a sign of eroding teeth. As we know that sugar in the mouth turns into acid – can affect on gums and teeth. It is essential to be mindful of drinking beverages all the time.

Teeth whitening treatments 

Sometimes despite all oral routines – yellowing of teeth could occur by age or some health ailments. The procedure can treat it. Teeth whitening treatments can be done by your dentist too. There are many over-the-counter treatments available also. 

Nowadays, toothpaste comes with teeth whitening agents. Products like whitening strips, gels and washes are widely available. People can change over to these methods now and then to maintain those whites!

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Get a mouthwash 

Mouthwashes containing agents like chlorhexidine are proven to prevent gingivitis and tartar. Mouthwashes are easily available in the drug stores. People can use mouthwash at any time of the day according to their needs.

Healthy Foods and Water 

Healthy foods like fibers and fresh fruits are good for oral health. Veggies and fruits have good sugars and necessary mineral for the maintenance of functional teeth.

Drinking water regularly could rinse the mouth for acids and bacteria. Water can swallow down food and debris from the mouth. Eventually, it would lead to a good oral routine. Water is the best substitute for sugary beverages.

Without eating, one can’t imagine a regular daily life. A best oral routine cannot happen in one day. People have to follow the routine religiously for perfect teeth and gums. It is necessary to take the dentist's advice to maintain the ideal health of teeth.

It is also essential to have a diet that will keep your teeth strong and white. Acknowledging oral health issues and taking action at the correct time could your teeth in perfect conditions for a long time. Following the above tips – you could achieve those pearly whites quickly!


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