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By Eva Fydrych

Gift Ideas For Her

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Our much-anticipated Holiday Shopping Guide is here!

This year, Fashion Studio Magazine invited three talented artisans and came up with an exclusive gift guide to help you choose beautiful and meaningful items for your family and friends. With e-commerce becoming not only more popular, but also much easier and more reliable than ever before, there is nothing better than shopping online, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

As every year, we went through a large selection of websites, catalogues, and look books so you can just sit back, relax, and save a lot of time! We tried to get off the beaten path and find products that are not only beautiful, but also affordable, timeless, and unique. All brands featured in our gift guide were founded by very talented individuals and we can guarantee that you will be hearing more about them in the future. Don't forget to visit their websites and read all the inspiring stories behind their businesses as well. 

Enjoy your holiday shopping in style!

Lexi Butler

Bare Copper Hammer Textured Bangle (Photo courtesy of Lexi Butler Designs)

"Rediscover Yourself Again..."

Stylish jewelry is one of the best gifts for the holiday season and beyond. Handmade in Montana, Lexi Butler Designs are an elegant addition to both classic and contemporary wardrobes, making your look complete and unique.

Bare Copper Hammer Textured Bangle (pictured above) can be worn single or stacked, with an elegant cocktail dress or simple everyday outfit. The use of copper bracelets centers on reducing the joint pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Featuring a unique hammered pattern, Crystal Drop Sterling Silver Sculpted Angel Wings Necklace (pictured below) will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. You can choose from several Swarovski crystal colours and adjust the length of the necklace. How convenient! 


Lexi Butler Designs offers a unique and personal blend of jewelry, accessories, awareness jewelry and gifts designed and created by artisan Lexi Butler. At Lexi Butler Designs, it's easy to choose from the best affordable handcrafted jewelry according to your individual budget.

Lexi is a proud member of by-invitation-only The Artisan Group®. Her designs were featured on TV Shows Jane The Virgin and Riverdale, shown in several press and blog publications, and spotted on TV stars and celebrities including Molly Ringwood and Ashley Liao.

Find out more at the official website:

Coupon Code : CHRISTMAS saves 25% OFF of order over $50.00

Mference & Co

Surgical Stainless Steel Monogram ID Clip (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

A U.S.-based jewelry business, Mference & Co, offers an interesting selection of new products for this holiday season. Surgical Stainless Steel Monogram ID Clip is a great gift for the international traveler with luggage or identification use in water-related (boating, fishing) and winter activities. It is a very durable product that will not rust and can be used as a key ring or bag charm as well.

For all astrology fans out there, Mference & Co's best-selling Zodiac Pendants are an affordable and fashionable choice. Surgical Stainless Wine Glass Charms (which can be ordered with a matching heart earrings set) will give your holiday party an unforgettable, personal touch. Have a look at the picture below:

Photo: F. Maples Photography for Fashion Studio Magazine; Location: London, UK


Mference & Co is a small business established in 2010 with the desire to manufacture special surface engraved traditional style jewelry products which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and gorgeous to wear. Their products reflect the commitment of providing quality jewelry that is not easily found or made today. Find out more at


Aurene Handbag in Orange Pebble Grain Leather (Photo courtesy of Nuciano Handbags)

An elegant handbag will be appreciated by any fashionista out there.

"Handbags are a wardrobe staple. Indeed, any woman would be remiss to say that they don’t leave the house without one, packed with the necessary tools she needs to go about her day," says Forbes and we couldn't agree more.

Eye-catching Aurene handbag (available in blush as well) is crafted from top quality leather with a raised pebbled effect that gives it a super soft texture. Ultra-stylish Sharae Handbag (pictured below) features runway look crafted from top quality leather with a luxurious soft finish that gives it a haute couture feel. You will be tempted to get one for yourself too!

Sharae Handbag in Suede Leather (Photo courtesy of Nuciano)


Nuciano is an award-winning luxury handbag label based in Seattle US, that offers today's modern woman a freedom of expression of her taste in uncompromised high quality and luxury handbags without the usual exorbitant price tags. 

A brainchild of Joy Egbejimba, Nuciano is derived from the word "Nnukachiano" and resonates the freedom to BELIEVE & EXPRESS yourself as an independent woman. From desk-to-dinner, the selected curated collection features elegant designs with a variety of fierce color options. Nuciano is quickly becoming Hollywood's favourite handbag designer.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020! :)

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