Monday, February 3, 2020


By DJ Crino

The Best Strength Training Exercises
You Can Do Without a Gym

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There’s no denying that a gym can be a great resource for strength training. With so much equipment at your disposal, you have a lot of options for building strength and targeting different muscles. 

While going to the gym can be good for strength training, it is not the most convenient way to get your workout. With a busy life, it can be hard to get to the gym regularly. Fortunately, you have several options for strength training exercises that require nothing more than your bodyweight.


Starting with a classic, push-ups can be one of the best strength training exercises. Needing no equipment except a pair of comfortable footwear, you can do them anywhere, and they offer a workout that does much more than build upper-body strength. If you are using proper form, you will use several different muscle groups to keep your body stable. Along with that, push-ups can also offer a good cardiovascular workout, so it is more than just strength training.

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Squats should be a part of any strength training routine. Working on squats is another option that does more than just build strength. This exercise will work wonders for strengthening your legs, and squats can also be good for burning calories.

Another thing that makes squats so great is that they are a functional exercise. That means you are building strength that can be used in your everyday life. Furthermore, squats can help to improve your posture and they are also good for building stronger joints.


Planks are a very simple exercise that you can do with no gym equipment. Part of what makes planks so great is that they work out the entire body. This exercise is particularly good for working out your core, but they require work from your arms and your legs. 

As a full-body workout you can do anywhere, planks should be on any home workout routine. Another thing that helps to make them so useful is that they are easy to modify. Of course, you can increase the amount of time you hold the plank for and you have options like high planks and low planks, but there are several different plank variations that can be useful.

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With lunges, you can get a nice strength-training workout and some cardiovascular exercise all in one. This is an exercise that can help to strengthen and tone your legs, but holding the position will also engage your core and work the muscles in your lower back. 

Just like some of the other exercises in this list, lunges are also nice because you have different options that can offer different benefits. If you start to get bored with the standard lunge, you can always work on variations like lateral lunges and walking lunges.

Exercise equipment does have its benefits, but you don’t need to make time for the gym for strength training. Even if you can’t get to the gym some days, the exercises on this list can give you a good workout without any expensive equipment.

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