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By Rebecca Siggers

How do I organize my wardrobe?
7 tips to organize it

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One of the best things about having an organized closet is that everything is easier to find. You do not have to waste your time looking and digging deep inside your closet to find things that you want. An organized closet is a delight for the eyes too as it looks so neat and presentable. Organizing your closet depends on that space that you have, but these seven tips are going to help you organize it the way you want to. These tips are simple, and after following these tips, you will have a well organized and presentable closet.


A custom cabinet is the best cabinet for storing your clothes. Since built-in custom cabinetry increases the space, you can sort out your clothes and keep them according to your preferences. You can divide your outfits into powerlifting apparel, party outfits, work outfits, etc. You can place your outfits in the various sections of the cabinetry post division. Custom cabinets make your mornings better as all the clothes are at their place, and you can easily pick up anything you want from the closet without even panicking about it.

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We have a lot of things in our wardrobes that we do not require. It is time to get rid of those unwanted items. To do so, you need to start filtering the things that reside in your cupboard. You need to take all the stuff out and stack them according to their usage. Once you make the final stack, you should remove the items that you do not use. After you do this, you will realize that your wardrobe will have a lot of free space where you can store other belongings of yours.

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Lighting the closet helps in enhancing the wardrobe. It also makes finding clothes easier as the wardrobe has its light. If you light up your wardrobe, you will see that finding your clothes and accessories becomes a lot easier as there is an abundant light inside the closet. Lighting increases the aesthetics of the wardrobe and makes it look more classy. You should include energy-efficient lights like LED lights inside the wardrobe. These lights will not cause a lot of energy loss and will be cost-effective for you. Therefore, adding lighting inside the closet will give it a good look and will be helpful for you. 


Sorting the clothes by their color will be very beneficial for you. Once you divide your clothes according to their functions, the next thing you can do is segregate them according to their color. This makes the cupboard look more presentable. It also helps you as you do not waste much time searching for clothes of a particular color. Under your formal outfits section, you can stack black clothes separately from the rest of your clothes. Therefore, in order to save your time in finding clothes of a particular color, you can stack them according to their respective colors. 

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No one likes their shoes lying here and there on the floor. To get an organized closet, organizing your shoes is also very important. You should rack your shoes inside the closet's shoe rack, or you can put your shoes in a shoe rack that you have. Putting your shoes in a shoe rack also helps in finding the shoes without wasting time. Since they are all organized in a rack, you can pick your favorite pair of shoes without wasting much time. 


A lot of interior designers recommend hanging your clothes as doing so, your closet looks very neat and tidy. If you iron your clothes before putting them in your closet, you should not fold them. To maintain the neatness of the closet, you should hang the clothes. Other added benefits of hanging clothes include the ease of taking out clothes as you do not spoil the rest of the clothes while selecting one cloth. Therefore, to make your closet very presentable, neat, and not cause harm to any other clothes, you should always hang your clothes inside your wardrobe. 

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The door of the closet helps in improving the style of the wardrobe. It also is beneficial to help you open and close the wardrobe. Sliding doors are the best amongst the rest of the doors as they are easy to use and are very durable. Sliding doors made of aluminium do not catch rust, are light, and are very durable. Getting a sliding door for your closet adds to the sleekness and style and enhances the overall look of the closet. Therefore, to increase the style of the closet, you should get a sliding door for it. 

Organizing your closet is a very easy task if you do it with the right methods. If you follow these seven steps mentioned above, you will be able to organize your closet in a very effective manner. These steps will make organizing easy for you and will also add a lot of style and class to your closet. These steps will help you improve the overall aesthetics of your home without giving a hole in your pocket!

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