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By Ana Kippel

Steven Lejambe
Fashion Designer

Photo ourtesy of Steven Lejambe (Click to enlarge)

Steven Lejambe was backstage at Toronto Fashion Week 2019 when I first met him. All around me is just absolute chaos, typical for any fashion show. From hairdressers tossing hairspray bottles, make-up artists running around trying to find extra lashes, and way too many models trying to find their designer. The chaos all around me provides a powerful energy, and electrifying awareness, confirming that this is an extremely important show for many of the designers. No matter how much preparation there may be, fashion shows are always a bit hectic backstage. Steven, on the other hand, looks very calm and composed. I offered to steam his dresses for him and as I open up the bags, all I see is tulle, tulle and more tulle! You can never have too much tulle. Let the show begin!

Steven Lejambe is a Toronto based fashion designer, an evening wear brand specializing in elegant silhouettes with unique and romantic details. Steven started his own label to create one of kind garments that are made for women who want to feel creative and modern. Steven’s style has an airy flow, a sexiness feel to it, in the midst of an edgy romanticism vibe. His line has an enchanting magical feel, giving his clients the sense that they are in a fairy tale. 

In 2019, Steven participated in the Cashmere Collection and designed a dress out of…yes, toilet paper. It’s absolutely brilliant! 

As a George Brown graduate, and recently nominated for the CAFA Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent this year, Steven has become a successful and extremely talented young designer. Everything he designs is absolutely dazzling and I was fortunate to have worked with Steven.

Cashmere Collection (Photo courtesy of Steven Lejambe)

FASHION STUDIO: How are you coping with the current (Covid-19) situation?

STEVEN: During these times I'm trying to do as much work as I can from home and plan for the future once things start to go back to normal. Truthfully, I'm also taking quite a bit of me-time to relax since as a small business owner I rarely get any down time and work is always on the brain. 

FASHION STUDIO: What do you think Canadian fashion industry needs right now? 

STEVEN: I think the Canadian fashion industry needs to continue to be proudly Canadian so that we can gain more visibility globally for our Canadian fashion community. 

FASHION STUDIO: What tips could you share with our readers? How to stay active and motivated these days? 

STEVEN: After weeks of finding it nearly impossible to feel motivated, I've realized that for myself just setting daily goals is necessary to get things in order. It keeps me from spending an entire day with Netflix and also allows me to keep on track with my post-pandemic plans during these slow times. 

FASHION STUDIO: What projects are you currently working on? 

STEVEN: I'm currently working on adding a curated ready to wear selection of “Steven Lejambe essentials” to the brand. As always, all couture garments will be made to order along with custom orders as well but there will also be a selection of items that can be ordered online. I'm also creating a new collection for next season which would typically happen much later but with so much down time it's the perfect opportunity. 

FASHION STUDIO: How do you see fashion industry in the future? What are your personal predictions? 

STEVEN: I think the pandemic is showing folks the importance of supporting local businesses and how much we rely on our community. I'm hoping that once things go back to normal we will have more people eager to support their local designers. 

FASHION STUDIO: Could you share some fashion tips what to wear for a comfortable yet stylish look while working from home?

STEVEN: Well for me personally, after an extended period of time living in track pants at home, I've realized that occasionally putting on a pair of jeans, a cute pair of shoes and putting in hair product makes me feel nice and gives me a sense of “normal” life (even if it's just for a walk to the corner store).

FASHION STUDIO: Are there any online fashion resources that you could recommend? 

STEVEN: CAFA is doing a wonderful job of keeping the Canadian fashion industry connected and highlighting the amazing designers doing what they can to help during these times so for any ideas of how you can help or for some uplifting stories I would pay attention to them. 

FASHION STUDIO: How are you staying creative? 

STEVEN: Luckily for me, staying creative is the one thing that I'm not struggling with during these tough times. With so much down time I've been having a surge of ideas for future collections and new projects and I have been doing a lot of sketching. 

FASHION STUDIO: How are keeping connected with the local fashion community? 

STEVEN: I have been keeping up with folks on social media and reaching out to some to check in as well. It's so nice to catch up with friends and colleagues when you can't visit.

SKY (Photo courtesy of Steven Lejambe)

Steven Lejambe has a studio in downtown Toronto, by appointment only. 

Behind the scenes (Photo courtesy of Steven Lejambe)


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