Wednesday, April 8, 2020


By Lena Hemsworth

Timeless Fashion Items
that Never Go Out of Style

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It is certainly true that fashion trends change not only every year but every season. However, it is also certainly true that some fashion items have stayed trendy and in style for as long as we can remember. These items are the staple of our wardrobes and classic look, with which we can never go wrong. Take a look at our list of clothes that will never go out of style. 

Badass black leather jacket

One of the fashion trends that will never go out of style is surely a black leather jacket. There’s something irresistible about it. It adds a certain edginess to your look and it keeps you warm on those chilly spring nights. A black leather jacket is perfect for combining – it goes with everything. You can wear it to your 9-to-5 work, on weekends and night outs. If you’re thinking about purchasing a black leather jacket, make sure you choose a quality one, without studs, fringe and sparkles – it is an investment that you’ll be able to wear for years to come. Remember to find out how to maintain it properly. 

A classic white T-shirt

A timeless white T-shirt is a clothing item that everybody should have in their closets, both men and women. And not only one – but a few! A quality cotton white T-shirt is something you can wear every day – to your work, for a casual afternoon with your friends, to a night out, a movie and so on. It combines well with all types of materials and clothing items such as jeans, pants, and skirts. It is such a simple and yet fresh item. It can be worn for all types of occasions and thus it never goes out of style. It is compatible with literally anything! 

Her Majesty – The Little Black Dress

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Of course, not a single timeless fashion trends list can exist without the basic and most crucial clothing item – her majesty the little black dress. It is the VIP of clothes. It is iconic as it can be worn to an office, a cocktail party, a sporting event, a night out, etc., and with just a few quickly changeable accessories such as jewelry, a scarf, a hat, a watch, and shoes. You can easily achieve an eye-catching and dramatic look with an outstanding LBD. There are so many types to choose from: a classical knee-length one, backless one, a mini one, a lace one, and asymmetrical one or a bodycon one. You probably have a few LBDs in your closet that you like to wear on certain occasions. And if you don’t have a few alternative LBDs in your closet, search for affordable wholesale dresses and pick out your favorite ones. The fashionista in you will thank us!

Timeless denim items

An essential material such as denim is surely one of the most present materials in your closet. And it’s no wonder why! It’s comfy, chic and easy to combine. Regardless of the new trends that are introduced every year, denim is always in style. Perhaps, what changes in the shape of jeans currently in style, or the shape and look of the denim skirts and the type of denim jacket. Denim jeans are a piece of clothing that can be worn all year long. They can be combined with sneakers, shoes, high heels, boots and sandals. 

The extravagant animal print

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Talking about some animal prints that have been present for quite some time in current fashion, we must mention the classic leopard, snake, zebra, cheetah, ocelot and giraffe prints. Wearing animal print has been described as earthy, seductive magnetism. As animal print combines the shades of brown, beige, and black, it ends up acting as a neutral. However, it’s important to know how to combine it – keep it classic by sticking to simple, sleek silhouettes. If you want to accomplish a more modern look, you can try balancing a bolder, exotic skin accessory with monochromatic tones. 

A perfectly soft cashmere sweater

A luxurious clothing indulgence such as a cashmere sweater is yet another item that never goes out of style. This is due to the fact that the hair of the Kashmir goat is incredibly soft and yet also lightweight and versatile, perfect for chilly days. Investing in a quality cashmere sweater is certainly an investment that you won’t regret, as the sweater will provide you with comfort and warmth for years to come. There are many options you can choose from, but those for classic and timeless look come in simple shapes, without any buttons, bells, or whistles. Less is more in this case. 

The elegant trench coat

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

When speaking about outerwear, one clothing item has been in style since forever. Yes, you guessed it correctly – it’s the trench coat. It is a clothing item that has a perfect form and achieves top functionality and practicality, as clothing items shouldn’t be just pretty but also functional. The trick lies in selecting a modern, streamlined silhouette that’s well-fitted to your shape, as we all are different and not all types of coats fit all of us. Neutral shades of black, navy, camel, and taupe provide a certain dose of elegance and style. 

When you have a few timeless pieces of clothing in your closet, you never have to worry about having nothing to wear, that’s for sure. You can always look chic, elegant and trendy if you mix and match some of these items.

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