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Expert Advice To Fads And Timeless Fashion

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Every year there are new fashion seasons to look forward to. Some of them are crazier than most while other runway pieces look like something you could wear on the streets! The problem that most of us face is picking out the gem pieces that are classic and timeless. Most often the case is that we end up purchasing apparel and accessories that are fads. Impulsive buying, excellent marketing strategies or peers pressure; we have succumbed to leopard prints on more than one occasion.

Enough is enough! It is about time we tried to learn on our own, with the help of Penny Yip, Head of Footwear & Creative Direction in ZALORA’s Private Label team!

What is an example of a fad and timeless designs?

Fads would be fluorescent shoes. Timeless are pointed toe black patent pumps with cigarette heel.

Our verdict: Timeless pieces are ones with neutral colour shades so that it can be easily matched with any tops or bottoms. They are also designs which have resurfaced many ties in fashion history. The pumps were popularised by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Today Kate Middleton is the iconic woman who knows how to work her classic designs.

How can our readers distinguish for themselves between a fad and timeless fashion?

You have to ask yourself this important question ‘how many seasons/years can you wear this look?’

Our verdict: It may be difficult to identify it. So don’t be prey to impulsive tendencies. Window shop, do you research then think about whether you could see yourself wearing it, two years from now.

What are some ways to identify the next biggest trend?

Big trends come in cycles so keep your ears and eyes peeled for them. Metallic shoes and thick heels are in that category.

Our verdict: Big trends are those that you have spotted over the years in various forms. Before metallic shoes came about, there was metallic dresses and even metallic makeup.

Which Asian designers should we look out for?

Alexander Wang for women’s apparel and shoes; Yohji Yamamoto for sneakers.

When collaborating with other designer, what qualities would you look for? 

A passion and hunger for fashion.

So there you have it! All you need to spot the gems in today's fads and whose designs you should have in your wardrobe. Which crazy fads of today should be stopped? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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