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Catwalks at The HUB
SIBLING to feature on the first day

Gigi Hadid for Vogue China (SS16 Knit Laces Jogger by SIBLING) Photo by Solve Sundsbo

SHANGHAI - The HUB’s 6th Edition, taking place April 9 - 11 2016, is no doubt the most exciting event this upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week. As you heard last week, we changed venues in order to have space to organize a very special event alongside The HUB. At Art & Design Center, The HUB presents The British Designer Showcase. A catwalk event on the 9th April supported by Fashion is GREAT. We are VERY excited to announce that London-based, SIBLING, will take part in an exclusive runway event! 

即将在4月9日到11日期间举办的第六届The HUB展,无疑会是即将到来的上海时装周中最激动人心的事件。正如上周你们所听到的那样,为了有足够空间与The HUB一同承办这次特别的活动,我们更改了场地。在艺术设计中心,HUB将展示英国设计师作品展。即将在9号举行的T台秀得到了Fashion is GREAT的大力支持。我们很高兴宣布,来自伦敦本土的SIBLING将参加这场独一无二的天桥盛事。

SIBLING (Photo courtesy of The HUB)


Launched in spring 2008 and now with Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery at the helm, their premier menswear collection featured bright and playful takes on traditional knitwear pieces like cashmere twinsets and Breton tops.  Today, leopard motifs, Breton stripes, and vibrant colours are SIBLING’s signature.   

Just in case you missed it, it was disco fever at SIBLING’s most recent showing at London Fashion Week.  Check out their Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection here!  If you’ve been wondering all this time what Shanghai Fashion Week is all about, a catwalk event at The HUB featuring SIBLING just brought the upcoming edition to a whole new level.  You do not want to miss out!  

Awards include: Newgen Men and Women, Fashion Forward for Menswear and the first Dulux Colour Award: Best Use Of Colour In Fashion & Beauty. SIBLING are also the European representatives for WOOLMARK in 2014.

诞生于2008年春天,现在由Sid Bryan和Cozette McCreery联手掌舵,他们最著名的男装系列以明亮、有趣为特点,并且继承了传统的针织衫元素,如羊绒毛衣和布列塔尼上衣。今天,金钱豹元素,布列塔尼条纹和充满活力的色彩已经成为SIBLING的标志。

不得不说的是,SIBLING最近在伦敦时装周中的一场秀的主题是当年的“disco fever”。点击这里可以查看16秋季的成衣系列。如果你一直想亲身感受真正的上海时装周,那么这场TheHUB Shanghai 特别举办的SIBLING T台秀将把这一季推向一个全新层次,你肯定不会想要错过它!

曾获奖项:英国设计师协会的NEWGEN男女装,男装时尚奖及第一届多乐士色彩奖:时尚与美的最佳色彩运用用。同时,SIBLING也是2014羊毛局大奖 (WOOLMARK)欧洲的代表。

SIBLING (Photo courtesy of The HUB)

The HUB展出的品牌

The HUB has always curated an excellent list of diverse, stylish, fashion forward, international brands that are both well-established and waiting to be discovered. The upcoming 6thEdition is no exception. Check out a few of the brands that will showcase their AW2016 collections at The HUB when doors open April 9th at 10 am. Just to name a few… Cheap Monday5 PreviewTwenty Two Zero OneNicce LondonDkodeRainsMr HareDienastieEnterBoy London and many more!

TheHUB 总是能节选优秀的国际品牌,它们风格多样而时尚,占据时尚前沿,并且有着良好稳固的品牌建设基础,等待着被发掘。即将到来的第六届TheHUB也不例外。来看看在4月9日10点开始的TheHUB,品牌即将展出的16秋冬系列,比如,Cheap Monday5 PreviewTwenty Two Zero OneNicce LondonDkodeRainsMr HareDienastieEnterBoy London 还有更多期待折你的到来!


Twenty Two Zero One  (Photo courtesy of The HUB)

Twenty Two Zero One is a footwear brand established in 2014 by Spanish duo Manu & Pedro. The brand’s high quality leather footwear adds innovative touches to classic silhouettes giving their shoes a modern, avant-garde aesthetic for the urban crowd. The guys’ vast experience and personal backgrounds come together to produce a super sleek collection inspired by the intertwining worlds of fashion and architecture. These kicks have serious attitude. You definitely need to check out the collection in person on the opening day of The HUB!

Twenty Two Zero One 是一个鞋履品牌,于2014年由西班牙设计师Manu 和Pedro创立。它的高质量皮制鞋履为经典廓型款式带来了革新版的触感,使他们的鞋子有一种小资人士的现代先锋美学。这两位设计师的丰富经验与个人背景结合到了一起,诞生出了一个绝佳、时尚的系列,他们的灵感来自于时尚与建筑的跨界结合。这些也有着严肃的一面。你们一定要亲自在4月9日HUB开幕式的时候亲自去看一看这些展品。

More news from Shanghai coming soon!

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  1. Thanks to the staff at this place for making our event so enjoyable and if I ever get married. I know where to go! Great job all of you. Price was not too bad, considering the quality of food and beverages. Everything at these venues was excellent.


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