Sunday, May 31, 2020


By Annah Brooks

Fashion Hacks to Dress like A Celebrity

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

It’s easy to spot a celebrity or celebrity at heart in public. Aside from the way they carry themselves, they have a distinct fashion sense that will make heads turn. But that doesn’t you have to be a real celebrity to wear that bold fashion style that will make people’s jaws drop.

If you’ve been dreaming to become a celebrity ever since, start with your fashion style. Here are five fashion hacks to dress like one. 

1. Oversized t-shirts

Anyone can rock an oversized t-shirt. You’ll see famous celebrities go out in public wearing only a huge Nirvana shirt. This is a simple fashion hack that will never go out of style. Pair the oversized shirt with sneakers and put on some long layered necklace. Put your hair up in a ponytail and grab the biggest sunglasses you can find and you’re ready to strut your thing down the street. 

2. Distressed jeans and a cute tank top

Celebrities dress simply when out and about. And for you to stand out, grab a pair of distressed jeans and rock it with a really cute tank top. Then put on the highest heels you can find and you can channel your inner Gigi Hadid. But instead of going to a fashion photoshoot, you’re going out for groceries in your killer simple outfit.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

3. Print mismatch

When dressing up like a celebrity, you want to have a bold statement. Try to deviate from the typical fashion style that most men and women do. Be as loud as your personality. Celebrities like to mix and match prints. For example, you can go for a floral skirt and polka dot blouse. Or you may also opt for geometrical skirts and pair them with stripes. 

What about mixing polka dots and stripes? It’s up to you to make it lively enough for people to notice. Just make sure you stick to neutral colored shoes and accessories so you won’t go over the top. 

Ruffled Polka-Dot Top by Carolina Herrera and Metallic Floral Skirt by MSGM

4. Skimpy shorts and boots

Rock your simple pair of shorts with the sexiest boots in your closet. Then you can match it with a plain, oversized hoodie and you’re ready to sashay in public. Make heads turn by keeping it simple but accessorizes with a long necklace and smoky eye makeup. Wear provocative rouge on your lips and wow strangers with this simple fashion hack. 

5. Skimpy animal-printed dress

Be audacious enough to make heads turn. While no woman can ever go wrong with a skimpy black dress, anyone can also rock an animal-printed dress. If you want to take it up a notch, you can pair it with claw gloves and wear a pair of sexy black three-inch stilettos. That’s if you’re comfortable walking in those!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

There is no rule to go out there and have fun by donning a bold fashion sense. Just let your creativity flourish and grab something from your closet that you think can make a statement. Be adventurous when you’re whipping up celebrity outfits. But most importantly, always wear your confidence because that’s the only way you’ll feel beautiful inside out.

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