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By Annah Brooks

Makeup Trends for Summer 2020

Photo courtesy of Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what this means for the ladies – fun and vibrant makeup! While we’re used to putting on every ounce of eye shadow and the darkest eyeliner there is, summertime proves to be sometimes uncomfortable when wearing three layers of makeup. 

Whether you’re attending costume parties and matching outfits from Yourcosplay or just frolicking around the city for the summer breeze, here are some makeup trends for summer 2020.

Bright eyes with fun shadow colors

Summer is a playful season. This is the time for bright colors, just enough to match the sun’s exuberance. While dark smoky eyes will always be in trend, it’s better to match bright colorful shadows with your fun easy-breezy dresses when you’re out and about during summertime. 

Try a subtle pink for your eyelids or a subdued orange. Then you can amp it up a bit by putting some bright blue on your bottom eyeliners. You can put it as it is or you may also do a bit of black eyeliner wing for a semi cat-eye look.

Photo courtesy of MAC

Smudgy cat eye look

You can also reinvent the wheel and match it up to how summertime makes you feel – light and airy. Instead of grabbing a solid black liquid eyeliner, you can put a little summertime twist to it. 

Take a pencil eyeliner and trace a long cat eye on the corners of the eyes. Then using your small beauty blender, try to smudge it up until it looks like even. Try not to put thick, black eyeliners on the top and bottom liners so your eyes don’t look too harsh. 

This is a perfect everyday look that matches any occasion. It’s cool and fun – just like summer. 

Photo courtesy of Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Fluffy soapy brows 

For the ladies with naturally full and dark brows, the soapy brow trend is a nice touch to your overall ensemble. It’s natural-looking and stylish as well. Plus, it’s also extremely easy to achieve. 

Grab a brush, a bar of soap, and water or setting spray. Then wet the brush and lightly tap it onto the soap. Next is to gently brush up your brows so they’re upright. Make sure that you lightly put some setting spray on so that it holds. The bar of soap is also a natural “glue” that can hold your brows. But using a setting spray also adds up to its longevity. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Yellow shadows 

Planning to do grocery shopping or go malling but short on time? Then take out that yellow palette that you’ve been saving for summer. Put on a feathered brow and apply some bright, yellow eye shadow

A yellow shadow is simple and quick and it complements your bare face. Then put on a nice, cute outfit and you could be rocking that minimal makeup look

Photo courtesy of MAC

Holographic smoky eyes

If you’re planning to attend a party during the nighttime, amp up your smoky eyes a bit by applying ample amount of shimmer for that holographic look. If you don’t have shimmer, you may also opt for a highlighter just to give your eyes a little oomph. Be the star of the night by dazzling your friends with this simple eye trend. 

Glittery sparkle

Putting on a bit of glitter on your eye area is bomb this summer 2020. Even though you don’t have makeup on, glitters will undeniably make your entire face glow – just like sunshine!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash (Click to enlarge)

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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