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By Jeff Lambidis

How to match your outfit with your eyewear

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We’ve all been there – trying to match up what we wear on our body to what we ‘wear’ on our faces. Make no mistake, trying to find a pair of glasses to go with your formal outfit can be a nightmare. So, too, can finding everyday glasses that don’t look too serious or over the top. If you are looking for help with making such decisions, though, we’ve got some simple ideas on how to match your outfit to your eyewear.

Now, while buying something like contact lenses might make more sense than going for old-school glasses, here are some universal tips. Hopefully, they can help you to make sure your outfit looks stylish and pairs up perfectly with how you intend to dress for the evening. So, what works best when it comes to learning how to match your outfit with your eyewear?

Always look at the size

If you are going to match up eyewear with anything, then it pays to make sure that they fit correctly. Size always matters with a pair of sunglasses, so try and make sure you pair up the eyewear to suit. For example, a more miniscule and a generally thinner accessorising style works best with either thin(ner) glasses – even going with no glasses and using contact lenses can make sense here.

However, going for a thin pair of glasses when everything else is bulky and bombastic is not a good idea. Make sure that the thickness of all your accessories – jewellery, glasses etc. – are all of a similar style. It not only looks better, but it’s much easier to keep classy and organised as well as improving your aesthetic appeal.

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Start by matching the tone

If you are going to make glasses work as part of your new outfit, though, you should absolutely look to make sure the tone is the correct match. Tone matching is something that can seem increasingly boring, but it does not have to be. Look for glasses that have a kind of yellow undertone, and they tend to work well with brighter colours of shades.

Basically, if you examine your glasses under a neutral light then they should be either a pink-ish tone or a yellow-ish tone. The former is a cooler colour and thus works better generally with darker shades and tones. The latter, though, is much more suited to those who are dressing up nice and bright for the day. The best thing that you can do, we think, is to simply take some time to really look at what these glasses are going to do for you.

Make your eyewear the focus

If you are going to be sticking with eyewear, then make them the focus to try and create a kind of explosive contrast. For example, a pair of extremely bright white glasses would look really good if paired with something a bit more simplistic in their style. Going for a solid colour outfit and combining it with a much more chromatic looking pair of shades can create a really interesting contrast.

The other benefit of this decision is that your eyewear will make people focus on your face. It looks good, and it creates a really interesting and different looking style compared to what you might normally have gone for. That’s why eyewear being the focus of your attire should always be something you focus on.

Remember that if you cannot find a pair of glasses to work with, use retina-adjusting contacts for an alternative.

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Use eyewear for colour combinations

A good way to use your glasses is to add a nice positive contrast to your colour scheme. So, let’s say that your dress style today is mostly a rich and regal purple. Very cool!

Combine that with some yellow glasses, and you create what we’ll call a positive contrast. It stands out, they aren’t anywhere near each other on a colour chart, and yet it just looks good. Many colours like this exist and finding one that works for you is great. Just as we recommend using eyewear to make them the focal point of your whole attire, use them to try and create a positive contrast in the colours.

So long as you aren’t going for combinations that don’t really work, such as red and green, this can work a treat. 

Sometimes, glasses won’t look right regardless

Far be it from us to tell you what to wear on your eyes, but it’s fair to note that sometimes you just won’t get away with wearing glasses. Glasses are not going to work with every outfit that you choose. Sometimes, it’s better to accept that and try to get yourself some contact lenses instead.

When you get lenses from the right source, it’s practically impossible to tell you are even wearing them in the first place.

This is why we highly recommend that you look to work out which outfits work and do not work with glasses. Some, such as more formal attire, can simply look out of place when paired with glasses. Normally, the best time to wear glasses on a formal event would be if you are wearing a suit. Sometimes, though, it’s not just going to work – that’s when you do need an alternative, such as contact lenses.

So, what will you do first and foremost if you want to make sure that your eyewear matches up with your chosen outfit?

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