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By Ana Kippel


Photo courtesy of NARCES

Fashion designer Nikki Yassemi is a recognized and beloved women’s wear brand. Her label, Narces (which by the way is her middle name) has taken over North America. Creating flirty and feminine dresses that make every woman stand out in a crowd. NARCES specializes in cocktail gowns, evening wear, bridal dresses, and prom. Her boutique in downtown Toronto is a wonderland full of feathers, sparkles and frills. The space used to belong to an artist, and the floor is speckled with splatters of paint. Stylish and fun, always creative; her runway shows are always the highlight of Toronto Fashion Week. Nikki was surrounded by art, fashion and design her whole life. Her mother worked for British tailor to the Royal Family, Victor Edelstein, who has created Princess Diana’s most iconic gowns.

A graduate of Schulich School of Business, Nikki has crafted an exclusive look; her designs represent a spirit of femininity and lush. Narces keeps it classy, sexy, and glamorous, with a twist of fun. 

FASHION STUDIO: How are you coping with the current situation? 

NIKKI: In order to help out with the Covid-19 relief efforts and keep our team employed, we have started designing and donating face masks with filter pockets for institutions and health care workers in need. Masks are also available to purchase for individual adults and children with 2-3 masks being donated for every sale. We are also moving ahead with our collections and plan on presenting our new collection in September. We have to be creative and flexible as things are changing so fast but we are happy to help in any way we can. 
FASHION STUDIO: What do you think Canadian fashion industry needs right now?

NIKKI: In general, the Canadian fashion industry needs support to help nurture the talent that we have in our country. Even more so now! The small industry that produces here can really be an asset during a time when the country needs personal protective equipment right away!

FASHION STUDIO: What tips could you share with our readers? How to stay active and motivated these days?

NIKKI: I find it important to make a routine for the day and stick to it. It is difficult, especially if you have to home school kids and have a schedule for them but having an active productive day is super important in keeping a healthy mental state. The current situation is devastating. However, it is a time to reflect, grow, develop, innovate, create and of course help with the situation where possible. 

FASHION STUDIO: What projects are you currently working on?

NIKKI: The production team has been busy making masks which have kept them active and productive and contributing to the community. In terms of other aspects of our business we are in the midst of building our SS21 collection and filling previous orders. We are also working on updating our website and social media channels, and continue to build content to showcase our work in different formats. 

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FASHION STUDIO: How do you see fashion industry in the future? What are your personal predictions?

NIKKI: I don’t think anyone knows as the future of many industries is quite uncertain. However, personally I do think a lot will be change. The industry has been moving so fast and people have been consuming so much and now things have come to a halt. This provides us with an opportunity to evaluate where we are going. I feel companies will need to innovate and be creative, hopefully in a more sustainable manner and move away from the disposable mindset.

I also feel that brands direct distribution channels will grow; content will be more intimate, fresh and will take on a different form! 

FASHION STUDIO: Could you share some fashion tips what to wear for a comfortable yet stylish look while working from home? 

NIKKI: I’m big on a no rule system when it comes to dressing and fashion. If it makes you happy wear it! I may be biased, but while it’s great to be dressed down and super casual and comfy, throwing on something sparkly, an evening look or something out of the ordinary, is always great for an uplifting mood changer. 

FASHION STUDIO: Are there any online fashion resources that you could recommend?

NIKKI: I’m a big fan of BOF Business of Fashion which has an analytical point of view and informs and connects the industry. Les Façons is also great with amazing content. Modem Online is a useful resource for show schedules, industry contacts and finding out what events are happening around the world in the industry. 

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FASHION STUDIO: How are you staying creative?

NIKKI: Again I come back to routines. I find in my current setting, I need to plan the time to creatively meditate and collect all the ideas that have been brewing in my mind throughout the day. If I don’t do this, my schedule is so busy that the day passes by too quickly! I try to ensure that I set this time aside because it puts me in a different creative mindset.

FASHION STUDIO: How are keeping connected with the local fashion community?

NIKKI: The biggest channel for us has been social media which we continue to work on as well as the traditional tools such as email and phone. 


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