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By Alycia Gordan

8 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair
for Every Holiday Party 

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The holidays translate to movies, family time, sumptuous meals, and of course, partying. And with such a busy schedule, getting time to go to the salon and do your hair can be impossible. Most times, you’ll be hurrying to finish up your makeup and do your hair midway to the party spot.

That’s why you need these easy 5-minute hairdos.

Not only are they easy, but also stunning enough to pass for an artsy work from a highly skilled hair professional. The best part is, these styles are so versatile that they can go with any hair texture or length. All you need is the right mood.

Sparkle Accessorized Ponytail

A nice up do brings forth style, but accessories bring forth the masterful detail. And that is exactly what this hairstyle goes for.

The sparkle accessorized ponytail takes the everyday ponytail hairdo and amps it up to a Cinderella look by adding sparkling accessories. What you need to do first is tie up your hair into a single ponytail. And right at the knot, you can add a bit of sparkling jewelry like a winter flair to top up the look.

Alternatively, a row of rhinestones added down your part can do the magic in adding that glamor effect perfect for the holiday parties.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Dual Purpose Ribbon

This is the last-minute chic and cheap hairdo you need for parties. Still relying on a ponytail, the dual-purpose ribbon uses a 1/4” of ribbon to add simple but neat detail to the look. The best part is, this look can go well with straight hair, thin hair, and super curly African American hair.

All you need to know is how to tie a ribbon. And for that, you’ll need to take the 1/4" ribbon, tie it loosely around your neck like a choker, and then tie it around the ponytail. And if you love accessories, this look can get even better with a bit of glittery jewelry on it.

Deep Side Part

If you want to match the looks of the Duchess of Sussex, then this is the hairdo you should be aiming for over the holidays. The deep side part is a quick and easy way to exaggerate the curls and volume of your hair.

All you need to do is flip a major part of your hair to one side, and add a bit of curl to its bottom for a thicker look.

This dramatic yet classic holiday look can be pulled off even while using wigs such as the 360 lace wigs that offer a deep parting at the front, from vendors such as EvaWigs.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Pearl Headband

Accessories, yet again, give this hairdo the home run. Perfect for both medium length and long hair, the pearl headband is a princess look you don’t want to miss out donning at the parties.

Instead of the basic headband that everyone dons during Christmas, the pearl headband uses pearls, instead, to create a sophisticated yet elegant look that takes less than five minutes to create.

All you need to do is smooth your hair using a hair gel before sliding on the headband.

Faux pearl and crystal-embellished headband (Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana)

Waterfall Braid

Yes, braids can take hours to make. And while you might spend a while longer deciding whether you should get one or not, the waterfall braid is an up do that needs a shorter time and a few minutes to get done.

This makes it perfect for the holiday party look – the reason why they’re usually flooded on most Instagram feeds.

This super pretty hairdo requires only two thin braids tied over your free-flowing hair at the back, for that waterfall effect. And, instead of using the common hair clips and bobby pin to secure the braids in place, you can get creative and use a hair ribbon instead.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Barrette Touch of Metal

This is one of the easiest and quickest hairdos you can don quickly for a holiday party. All it needs is a barrette and a few seconds of your time to get it done.

Suitable for medium length and long hair, this barrette touch of metal up do uses a barrette to hold back a few strands of hair. What this does is not only add elegance to your holiday look but also that subtle pop needed to bring the cheer on everyone’s faces.

Better yet, the touch of metal can work on either your natural hair or wigs you’ve bought from a reputable online vendor.

Painted Flower & Imitation Pearl Hair Clip (Photo courtesy of Oscar De La Renta)

Backward Headband

The holidays are lazy times. Thus, you have no time thinking about combing all through your hair and getting it neatly done. And amidst all that laziness, you can throw in the classic headbands backward for that final sassy and unique style.

This style works so seamlessly with curly and wavy hair, especially after a blowout. The trick is to have the hair a bit rugged as the blowout would leave it then throw in a sparkly accessory in form of a headband, attached backward.

The style does a lot in portraying your laidback mood while you party the holidays away.

Classic Braid

In that laidback spirit, sometimes it might be a good idea not to go all out with your hair. And during such times, a classic braid might be all you need to don that perfect holiday party look.

Umm, how perfect?

Cute perfect. The classic simple braid works because it does a great job of portraying a cute and chic look. The bigger plus is, this style is easy to execute, unlike other forms of braids.

The only thing you need to add is a non-crunchy hair gel that you’ll use to slick your hair back, while the rest of it is tied into one big braid.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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