Tuesday, June 30, 2020


By Eva Fydrych

Your Ultimate Fashion Guide for 2020

Photo courtesy of KIS

As our styling articles are getting more and more popular, we decided to partner up with another online boutique, KIS, to show you some of our favourite dresses for Summer, Fall, and Winter 2020.

Some of the most popular fashion trends this year include timeless and elegant vintage dresses so make sure you have at least one in your closet! 


Polka Dot Maxi Dress (Photo courtesy of KIS)

Summertime is a great opportunity to wear feminine dresses in white and pastel colours. Eye-catching polka dot maxi dress (pictured above) will look fantastic in the busy streets of fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, London or New York.

If you prefer shorter dresses, opt for green embroidered chiffon dress (pictured below) and combine it with some colourful accessories.

Green Embroidered Chiffon Dress (Photo courtesy of KIS)


You can easily transition your style from summer to fall by wearing darker colours and matching your dresses with stylish cardigans and light jackets.

Another interesting option is a long-sleeved dress that can be combined with short boots and a simple, black or brown handbag. 

Leopard Print Dress (Photo courtesy of KIS)

"Fall is also a great time to make your outfit more interesting and to play with patterns, colors and textures. It is also amazing how you can wear tights and combine them with summer clothes that you are not ready to say goodbye to yet. Tights can be very cheap and the good thing is that they will help you wear your summer skirts and dresses longer. However, bear in mind that the color of your tights is very important. Since it is fall, it would be good to either opt for brown or dark brown, or dark grey and black (which is probably the best option)." - Claire Hastings

Floral Midi Dress (Photo courtesy of KIS)


Winter dresses provide a great alternative to skirts (or jeans) and can be worn with longer boots and elegant coats -  to keep you warm during wintertime.

Choose thicker fabrics and long sleeves, but don't be afraid to experiment with various colours and patterns in order to keep your winter outfits fresh and interesting. 

Velvet Dress (Photo courtesy of KIS)

Embroidered Dress (Photo courtesy of KIS)

High Waist Midi Dress (Photo courtesy of KIS)

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” – Ralph Lauren

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