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3 Ways To Revisit Your Wedding Day
On Your Anniversary

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Whether it is the first wedding anniversary or it has been many years on, making the day as special as possible is the main goal. But what if you could re-live your big day whilst still making your significant other feel special. In this article, we will be looking into 3 of the main ways that you can achieve this and re-live the magic of your wedding day.

Get Your Images Printed 

Printing your images is one of the best ways for you to re-visit your wedding day whenever you are feeling nostalgic. Whether it is images printed in a photo book or a series of framed canvas prints this can all help you to revisit and showcase your gorgeous images from your big day. This is a great conversation starter for visitors in your home and is a great way of decorating with artwork that means a lot to you. 

In addition to this, photo books can be kept on the shelves and can be shared with your children as they grow old. They can also be labelled and designed any way that you want, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of your wedding day as well as quality time with your family. Whether you have these made straight away or you decide to give them as a first-anniversary gift, this is the perfect way to revisit your big day all whilst showing your loved ones that you care about them with this amazing personalised gift for the two of you. 

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Revisit Your Videos From The Day 

Another way that you can revisit your big day is to get together and look at all the videos taken that day. Whether it is the videos of the church ceremony or the best man’s speeches from the reception, this is a great way to re-visit the ceremony and even see the parts of the night that you may have missed. Whether you just had loved one’s filming 

Recreate Your Wedding Menu 

The final way that you can make your anniversary special by revisiting your wedding day is to replicate the wedding menu. Sit down with your significant other and enjoy an amazing dinner night in with your wedding menu. Serve up your favourite meal and enjoy an enjoyable night in recreating your wedding meals together. 

Whether it is a three-course meal or just the main, this is an amazing way to get creative in the kitchen together and spend time together on your anniversary. In addition to this, you can also share stories and look back on elements of the big day. As you are enjoying the food, you can also look back at the images you have taken and even chat about how you were both feeling for the ultimate outlook on the day.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Whether you have been married for years or you are new to married life, these are a few great ways for you to re-live your wedding day with your significant other. Which of these will you be trying out first?


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