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By Trevor Watanabe

Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin

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Statistics show that the number of green tea drinkers has been increasing significantly over the years as more people are aware of its numerous benefits. Many residents associate green tea with health benefits more than black, white, or oolong teas. According to a survey, a significant percentage of tea consumers turn to green tea when unwell or stressed. Some analysts associate the popularity of the products among Americans to promotions in foodservice. Nowadays, it appears on most menus. You can even find it in fast-food restaurants. Keep reading to learn more about the skin health benefits of the best Japanese green tea.

It Prevents Skin Cancer

Recent studies have shown that taking green tea is an effective way of preventing skin cancer. Researchers from an Austin-based university tested a solution containing polyphenols on mice who were exposed to ultraviolet light. The chemical was extracted from green tea.

The studies also involved testing skin cells from mice and humans cultured in a laboratory. Study results presented at the American Chemical Society showed that a protein called JNK-2 is directly related to skin cancer. Applying polyphenols is an effective way of blocking the proteins.

When one is exposed to ultraviolet light, JNK-2 levels rise and remain high. According to the researchers, the protein can cause molecular chain reactions that make skin cells cancerous. Polyphenols found green tea help to reduce JNK-2 levels and prevent the formation of tumors. Some experiments have shown that taking four or five cups of green tea can offer enough protection against cancer.

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Green Tea for Acne

Nowadays, there are many treatments for acne, including over-the-counter drugs. If you’re looking for natural, non-chemical options for the condition, take green tea. According to the findings of some studies, the consumption or application of green tea extract can treat lesions, redness, and irritation that occur due to acne.

Green tea is rich in catechins. Polyphenols found in green tea have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. The compounds also attack free radicals that may be present in the skin. Studies have also shown that polyphenols can help to improve acne and oily skin. The compounds are effective in reducing sebum excretions in the skin.

If you intend to use green tea to treat acne, there are several techniques for you. You can use a trial and error approach to determine the ideal option. Note that there’s no recommended dosage for using the tea for skin conditions.

You’ll Get a Youthful Look

As you get older, you’ll get wrinkles on your skin. Everyone gets them. However, some people may have wrinkles at a younger age than others. When you grow older, the skin becomes thin, collagen production reduces, and losses elasticity. As a result, it becomes prone to sagging and lines.

Free radicals have a negative impact on human health, especially the skin. They’re some of the leading causes of wrinkles formation and skin aging. Some researchers have also linked them to the development of cancer and chronic diseases. Environmental and dietary factors can result in increased free radicals.

For example, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, and high glucose levels can lead to increased free radicals in the body. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for the changes. One of the options you have is consuming green tea regularly. This will result in beautiful, healthy skin and prevent signs of aging.

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It’s an Effective Solution for Puffy Eyes

You can treat puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyes by placing tea bags externally over them. Some of the common causes of puffiness are inadequate sleep, skin disorders, and overworking. Pregnant women are also prone to the condition. Take caution when using tea bags. Green tea has flavonoids, which prevent inflammation.

They also have antioxidant effects. The caffeine found in the tea may result in the constriction of blood vessels in tissues around the eyes and reduce inflammation. You can use cold tea bags to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The circles may form due to allergies, smoking, and alcoholism.

Green Tea can Treat Dandruff

The condition causes flaking and itching. Experts have recommended several treatment options for affected people. Recently, researchers revealed that green tea is effective when it comes to dandruff treatment. It’s an easy and inexpensive way of getting relief.

According to some studies, stress and food can lead to increased loss of dead cells from the scalp. It’s easy for you to make a remedy for the skin condition using green tea. You only need to use two tea bags to make about 2 cups of the solution.

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