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By Amelia Varley

Procedures Of Laser Hair Removal
And The Risks Involved In Them For Beauty

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Unwanted body hair is a matter of concern for men and women alike. Markets are inundated with varied hair removal products ranging from waxes and tweezers to chemical creams and strips. We also come across products that seem to be duplicates of what are used in the salons for home use. Laser hair removal is different by a certain degree in terms of effectiveness and side effects. Let’s know more about this advanced procedure.

What is Laser Hair Removal? 

In this process of hair removal, the primary component is the laser light which penetrates into the skin and works to destroy the hair follicles, thus obstructing further growth of body hair. The history of laser hair removal dates back to 20 years ago when it was experimentally performed before coming into the market in around late 1995. This technique aims to remove the body hair permanently, requiring the customer to visit a clinic and seek an expert’s advice before undergoing the process. Undoubtedly, laser hair removal gave a new spin to the beauty business and it still remains under research for ensuring better outcomes going forward. 

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Key Facts About the Hair Removal Process with Laser 

People accuse laser hair removal as being a painful process, which is not the case always. The basic aim of sending the laser light into the hair follicles is to deactivate them for life. When a laser goes deep into the pigment of the hair, it damages the hair bulb and follicles. You are likely to feel a quick, sharp pain when the light digs in, and the job will be done in no time. 

You can only expect to mark the difference after a week or two after having undergone the process. However, some people say that it took them 8 weeks and 2 treatments to notice the results. So, the results that you achieve depend on the thickness of your hair and your personal response to the procedure.

This process of hair removal is relatively a faster process than other methods, and you can expect it to complete within minutes. For instance, a full face fair removal procedure will take you no more than 20 minutes. 

After the hair removal, you can’t go the gym or saunas for a few days, because your skin is expected to remain inflamed from the heat that was used to remove the hair. You will also be susceptible to bacterial infection in case you hit the gym right after hair removal. 

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Are There Any Risks Involved? 

Laser hair removal is one of the safest ways to get rid of your unwanted body hair. Those who want to achieve beautiful and radiant skin seek to go through a session of laser therapy as a quick and convenient way to get the job done. While there are concerns about pain, irritation and other skin problems, the modern laser procedures ensure zero side effects with optimized results. Further, the process works on anyone regardless of the skin type. It helps the experts address the most stubborn hair follicles and smoothen things out once and for all. 

If you have made up your mind to have your hair removed with laser, you need to consider a few points while choosing an expert. Most importantly, make sure that only a trained professional is conducting the process, as it is not something that can be done at home or at a regular salon. Make sure that the professionals are licensed, which means you are not risking your skin or health while undergoing the process. They should also offer you expert advice into the post-removal maintenance and pre-removal precautions. Last but not the least, negotiate the cost beforehand, compare it with others, and make sure that their prices are reasonable. 

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