Tuesday, August 4, 2020


By Eva Fydrych

Best Baby Clothes, Socks & Accessories

Photo courtesy of BabyEpoch

As Fashion Studio Magazine is growing and getting new readership each month, we decided to bring you fresh fashion / lifestyle content that is a little bit different and will benefit all new moms out there.

BabyEpoch, an online fashion boutique, asked us to select our favourite styles and suggest most stylish clothes and accessories for the little ones. Have a look at those cute, colourful products and don't forget to leave a comment below the article!

1. Newborn Cotton Ankle Socks

Photo courtesy of BabyEpoch

Newborn socks are one of the most essential items and should be chosen with care. Opt for natural materials such as cotton and pastel colour palette (pink, peach, white or blue).

If you want your newborn to be happy, comfortable, and safe, do not hesitate to invest in natural baby clothing. "Cotton clothes are soft and do not rub harshly against baby's soft skin. They permit better aeration and will keep your baby cool. The nature of cotton permits it to absorb and remove body's moisture easily. Since it is a natural fabric, cotton is non allergenic." (Source: Kudikelis)

If you are a first-time mum, you would probably benefit from some pieces of advice from other - more experienced - parents. Here is a very helpful and interesting article for you to read: 17 Really Good Pieces Of Advice For First-Time Mums.

2. Newborn Romper Dress

Newborn Baby Girl Lace Up Sleeveless Backless Tulle Romper Dress (Photo courtesy of BabyEpoch)

Who said fashion is only for adults? Look at this stylish Baby Girl Dress pictured above and imagine how amazing it will look in pictures. Now... it's time to get some new photos for your family album.

Styling Idea: use white, black or zebra background for more contrast as yellow combines really well with those colours. 

3. Stylish Accessories

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Now... let's talk about the space where you can keep everything organized and handy. Except baby socks for sale, BabyEpoch offers various baby & mother products and accessories as well.

One of our favourites:

Muslin Cotton Swaddle Baby Blankets Soft Infant Wrap Sleepsack (Photo courtesy of BabyEpoch)

"The one thing you can do to prepare is to create an organized baby room. Prepare for the new baby by making sure everything is where it should be and you have organization systems that will make your life easier (...)

A new baby brings joy and exhaustion, happiness and chaos, and the best and busiest years of your life." (Source: clutter KEEPER)

Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag 100% Cotton Envelope Swaddle Wrap (Photo courtesy of BabyEpoch)

For more ideas visit BabyEpoch website!


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