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 By John Smith

Photo courtesy of Unspalsh

The hair industry is an inspirational and creative one. Once it was a male-dominated industry, but now there are plenty of women making waves and showcasing their visions. It’s constantly evolving and changing with the times. There are some bold women out there, and we’re on a quest to tell you who to look out for. The movers and shakers if you will.

Women are making their mark, they’re affirming themselves as powerful business women, with their own take on the hair industry. Determined, inspiring and motivating, discover some of our favorite women leaving their mark on the hair industry. Whether they’ve turned a negative to a positive, or have taken a step into natural hair care businesses, you will find some seriously awe-inspiring ladies amongst our selection.

Odile Gilbert

Odile Gilbert has been a huge figure behind the scenes with her regular appearances at Fashion Weeks all over the world. She is one of the most influential hairstylists in the industry and has been since the 80s. She has worked with some of the biggest luxury brands such as Alaïa, Rodarte and Oscar de la Renta. She collaborates with only the best – with the likes of Peter Lindbergh and Annie Leibovitz on iconic editorial campaigns.

Bailey Pope

Meet All Things Hair favorite, Bailey Pope. Why is she inspiring in the hair industry? As a stylist at TIGI, she bravely came out to her bosses about her transitioning at the hair care giant. She was nervous about the consequences it would have on their partners, but her company soon put her at ease.

She told ATH, “I remember the first show I did after coming out was a two-day class in Toronto. When they called me on stage and introduced me, they used female pronouns and my name. It was just such a relief to finally be able to bring all of me to the stage.”

What an inspiring and moving example of how the hair industry is becoming more modern and inclusive.

Photo courtesy of Unspalsh

Jen Atkin

If you haven’t heard of Jen Atkin, where have you been? Hairstylist to the stars Jen, she has worked with the likes of Gwen Stefani and the Kardashians. She took a huge leap and created her own hair care brand, Ouai back in 2016. Inspired by the casual Parisian tousled look, she has created a revolutionary brand that boasts sulfate-free products. The products are natural and will help you battle your hair woes. Your bad hair days are well and truly over! Now available on some of the world’s biggest retailers, Jen has shown that not only is she an incredible hair stylist, she is also a powerful entrepreneur.

Lisa Price

Lisa Price created Carol’s Daughter back in 1993 to cater for natural, textured tresses like her own. Inspired by her mother, she has worked hard to create high-quality products, and today she caters for all hair types. What started out in her kitchen back in Brooklyn, in a matter of years transformed the hair industry when they became one of the first brands to sell their products directly to customers online. She was part of the internet revolution within the industry, she was a pioneer in what is one of the biggest industries to date – e-commerce!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Courtney Adeleye

Courtney Adeleye is the founder behind renowned hair care brand The Mane Choice. As a registered nurse, she decided that she wanted to document her hair care journey on YouTube. She dreamt of long and strong waist-length hair. Her journey inspired a whole community, and soon enough The Mane Choice was born. Fans were asking her to start her own haircare brand and she was inspired to create natural ingredients, just as she would use ingredients from her kitchen in her YouTube videos. She used her background in science and careful research to create vitamin-infused products that work wonders on your hair and help its growth. She is a multi-talented lady taking the hair industry by storm!

Janell Stephens

Janell Stephens is one of the biggest hair entrepreneurs out there right now – and she’s got a lot on her plate! As a mother of five and a business woman, she shows that nothing can stop her! She is the CEO of Camille Rose, which started off with her in the kitchen concocting home made hair care recipes with carefully-curated ingredients. She was shocked by the amount of harmful chemicals being used by the hair giants, and she believes that what you put on your body should be good enough to put in it. This is what has now made the brand incredibly popular amongst beauty fanatics and beauty critics alike, her mantra. She has even created a skincare range and a selection of products for kids’ skin – she is unstoppable!

Monique Rodriguez

Monique Rodriguez set out to create Mielle Organics back in 2014 to provide natural hair care products that will revolutionize your hair, and even has its own skin care range. Like Courtney Adeleye, Monique has a background in science and has used her knowledge to her advantage, and created results-driven products that have taken the industry by storm. Concocting recipes in her garage was like therapy to her after losing her son at 6 months, little did she know at the time that it would build her an empire. Her bravery and determination helped her build Mielle Organics.

Anita Grant

Anita Grant created her brand of the same name after suffering blisters from a lotion containing glycol, a strong chemical often found in hair care products but also in car antifreeze. She waved goodbye to off the shelf products and realized she had to create the products she needed. She reverted back to her natural hair, and did her research on cosmetic manufacturing and soon started creating her own home made beauty products. Today, she still purchases her ingredients from farming communities and organic suppliers to ensure her products remain 100% natural and cruelty-free. She has expanded her creations to skin care and luxurious body butters.

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