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Honor Your Mom with Motherhood Jewelry

Celtic Mothers Knot Necklace (Photo courtesy of The Irish Jewelry Company)

Nothing says, I love you mom and I appreciate you mom as much as a piece of motherhood jewelry. Motherhood jewelry represents the special bond that exists between a mother and her children. Jennifer Derrig, the owner and head jewelry designer at shares with us her inspiration behind her motherhood jewelry designs such as her exclusive Mothers Claddagh Jewelry Collection, the Celtic Mothers Knot Jewelry Collection and the Claddagh Family Birthstone that has made her company a leader in motherhood jewelry. 

Mothers Claddagh Jewelry

The Mothers Claddagh Pendant and matching Celtic cross, ring and earrings were inspired by the traditional Irish Claddagh design. The claddagh is a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty that has become world known. She combined the design of the claddagh with a stylistic representation of the mother and child. Much like the Madonna and child. And just like that a beautiful piece of exclusive jewelry representing the friendship, love and loyalty in the bond between mother and child was born.

Celtic Mothers Knot Jewelry

One of her best-selling motherhood jewelry designs is the Celtic Mothers Knot Pendant. The Celtic Mothers Knot Collection consists of a bracelet, Celtic cross, pendant, earrings and two style rings. The Celtic Mothers Knot pendant was inspired by her faith and the trinity knot. The trinity knot is a three corner knot the represents the Holy Trinity. In more recent times it also has come to present the love knot. Inspired by its symbolism she combined it with a representative image of a mother and child embrace. And just like that she designed the Celtic Mothers Knot which was a huge success in the jewelry industry and often seen as popular tattoo design for motherhood on many moms. For more info click here.

Claddagh Family Birthstone Necklace (Photo courtesy of The Irish Jewelry Company)

Family Birthstone Claddagh

Jennifer’s, Family Birthstone Claddagh Necklace design combines the mystic symbolism behind birthstones and the friendship, love and loyalty of the claddagh to create a completely customizable Family Birthstone Necklace. Her Family Birthstone Claddagh charms with heart shaped bezel set birthstones are simple and modern. They can be worn in any multiple combination on a choice of chains. Additional Family Birthstone Claddagh charms can also be added to the necklace in the future without requiring a jeweler. The Family Claddagh Necklace is a stunning colorful beauty in any birthstone combination even as a single charm.

Motherhood jewelry is certainly a specialty area. Its not easy to create a beautiful design that is sentimental and adorned by moms all over the world. A motherhood necklace that is affordable and yet captures the magical bond between a mom and her children is priceless, but Jennifer has done that with her exclusive designs for The Irish Jewelry Company.

Whether you are shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for mom or a gift for mom’s birthday, no matter which style of Motherhood jewelry from The Irish Jewelry Company you decide on, Mom will wear Jennifer’s designs with pride and always remember that these symbols of love represent her bond with her children.


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