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Business Attire for your Home Office

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Fall is here. With it, come the earth tones, the greens, yellows, and browns, the hoodies, sweaters, and scarves, the crisp mornings and the long, beautiful sunsets. Unfortunately, in many places around the world, fall also comes with flare-ups of the novel coronavirus that has sent pretty much the entire world into an extended lockdown this year. This means that a significant number of people will continue to work from their home office.

Working from home may have its downsides but it also comes with one major benefit: the dress code. When it’s your home office, you don’t have to think about impressing your boss or avoiding disapproving looks from your coworkers: you can get things done in your pyjamas if you want to. The question is if you should.

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Not just for Zoom

The way things are today, the workplace fashion forecast still predicts a lot of remote working with a chance of PJs. Not when you are in a meeting, though. As comedian Trevor Noah said, everyone’s home has a corner that’s perfectly tidy for upcoming Zoom meetings and conference calls. For these, most people dress up in “decent” clothes. 

The thing is, Zoom meetings and conference calls are not the only things you should get dressed for when working from your home office - you should do it every single morning. Sure, working in your PJs is fun and all but changing your clothes comes with a change in your attitude. Putting yourself in a working outfit before sitting down to your desk changes your mindset, puts you in a “work mode” of sorts - it changes your attitude.

Putting yourself in the right mindset is especially important when you participate in meetings over Zoom or another video conferencing service. For one, it changes your coworkers’ attitude toward you - instead of seeing a slightly dishevelled individual with sleepy eyes who can hardly wait to return to bed, they’ll see a neatly-combed person ready to get down to business. 

Plus, dressing up a bit for work changes not just your attitude but the way you speak, you behave - and your gestures and facial expressions, too. It’s a bit like flipping a switch. An appropriate workplace attire worn in a home office has been shown to enhance performance and focus, helping you get more done as opposed to little more than browsing through Facebook and Twitter in your PJs.

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The best home office attire

The best attire for your home office doesn’t need a jacket and, by no means, a tie. Unless, of course, you feel better wearing them. 

In most cases, though, dressing up just a little bit will do just fine. Think of a normal day at work when you have to meet a customer, a business partner or your boss - and go from there. Always remember to choose comfortable clothes, though - there is no need for you to feel confined by your clothing, especially when you will likely spend hours upon hours in front of your computer. And when you are in for a Zoom call or a meeting, the easiest choice is to go with something simple, elegant, and neutral. That will do just fine.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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