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 By Carrie Davis

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Your appearance does not define you as a person, but it can show some of your characteristics and even attitude. People have used clothes and makeup to express themselves for decades, and that is why they are one of the main ways to build the image. 


People have worn makeup for centuries to feel more confident and attractive. It is proven that with makeup women feel smarter and more powerful. Sometimes, just a little bit of a lipstick is enough for a confidence boost. 

A lot of women claim that they feel self-aware and insecure without makeup. However, it is not good to be completely dependent on makeup and overuse it. 

Recent trends advocate more natural, or a no-makeup makeup look. That means that heavy contouring and fake look are buried in the past. Now, small enhancements are enough to make you feel beautiful. 

Where does it put permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup treatments are perfect for those small improvements in your look. The advantages or permanent makeup is that it looks natural and lasts for years. It is your lips - slightly plumper, your brows - but better, your lashes - a bit longer.

Permanent makeup now is nothing like it used to be. The treatments are more sophisticated, safer and with a more natural outcome. It is extremely popular at the moment - people are crazy about these small confidence boosts that don't involve implants or surgeries. 

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Popular procedures

Recent makeup trends focus on eyebrows and people are inventing new ways to style them. All of these styles have one thing in common - eyebrows are now dence, full and prominent. With worldwide popular microblading treatment, which is similar to a brow tattoo, you can get fluffy brows you've always dreamed of. 

With permanent makeup, everyone can get them, even those people with very sparse brows or those with no brow hair at all. 

There are other amazing procedures, such as permanent lipstick or eyeliner, lift lash and women around the world are crazy about them. Not only do they save time you spend on doing your makeup every day, but they also make you look and feel pretty even after swimming or working out!

Clothes can say a lot about you 

Clothes do not say whether we are a good person, but it shows some characteristics. A person who neglects their appearance will probably be perceived as sloppy and untrustworthy. This is especially in business. Someone in clean, modern and smart clothes will give out the impression of an organized and reliable person. 

It is extremely important how you dress for going to work and business meetings. Nobody wants to work with people who don't care about their image. If you can't take care of yourself, people won't trust you with something important. 

Clothes affects your mood

It is proven that clothes can affect the way you feel. Just try to exchange sweatpants to something more formal. You will feel more productive and get the energy to go out. Blazers, pants or a smart dress will make you feel more powerful and fearless. You will be ready to act and feel much more confident than wearing something that is just comfortable.

Your clothes do not have to follow the latest trends. It is important that they are neat, clean, without wrinkles and decent. 

It is a known fact that certain types of clothes make you feel sexy. High heels, little black or red dress and an expensive perfume will definitely improve the way you feel about yourself. Or maybe, in your case, a good pair of jeans will do the magic. Or a long dress and flats. Whatever works for you - everyone has a favourite first date combination. Find the clothes that fit you and make you feel the best. 

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The old saying “Clothes don't make a man” is nowadays just partly true. 

Yes, you cannot judge a man's character based on his clothes, but our appearance says a lot about us.

To put it simply - nice clothes makes you feel prettier! And let’s not forget - confident people are the most attractive. That's the magic of clothes. It is not important that they look good to other people, it is important how they make you feel. If you feel down, try dressing up for a change. You will feel much better, we promise.

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