Saturday, December 12, 2020


 By Eva Fydrych

5 Styling Ideas

Photos: Ninacloak / Winter photo by lifeforstock - / Birthday photo by  

With the holiday season fast approaching, we prepared a short and useful fashion guide how to look good during this time of the year. Achieving a stylish and effortless look is easier than you think!

As usual, we searched for a suitable fashion website where we can find all items to complete the desired look. This time we decided to go with Ninacloak, a retailer that is not only affordable but also offers a large selection of trendy sweaters, tops, dresses, shoes, and accessories. Have a look at our guide below and enjoy your online shopping in style!

1. Looking cute (and warm) at home

Warm Christmas T-Shirt (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

Getting ready for Christmas requires lots of energy and preparation and most of this time is spent at home - cleaning, cooking, decorating, etc. While all of this is super important, you should also make time for yourself and wear something that will put a smile on your face every time you wear it.

Ninacloak offers stylish long sleeve T-shirts featuring holiday motifs and you can choose one of ten colours listed below: pink (pictured above), watermelon red, red, yellow, black, light grey, dark grey, wine red, purple or blue. Highly recommended!

2. Holiday shopping done right 

Photo courtesy of Ninacloak

When you go to do your shopping before holidays many stores can be overcrowded and shopping malls tend to be too hot to wear your jacket or coat inside. Casual shift dress in black (pictured above) is a great choice if you are not sure what to wear underneath your coat. Simple and fashionable.

3. Turn heads at office Christmas party

Boat Neck Bodycon Dress (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

Bodycon dress in elegant champagne will be perfect for making a lasting impression at your office Christmas party this year. Wear it with long earrings and a small clutch in silver, gold, black or red.

4. Invest in a unique jacket

Photo courtesy of Ninacloak

Winter outwear doesn't need to be boring as long as you are ready to stay patient while looking for your perfect jacket. Floral print hooded coat offered by Ninacloak will keep you warm even during the worst snow storm. Available in lighter colours as well.

5. Look stylish in a bright sweater

Photo courtesy of Ninacloak

Warm sweater that can be worn with your favourite pair of jeans is a must-have item for the whole winter and beyond. Have a look at the variety of colours at Ninacloak website and choose something that is most suitable for you. We are in love with bright green pictured above.

Photo courtesy of Ninacloak

Knitted loose pullover in red can be worn with cream trousers and long coat for a super stylish winter look. It will look great with leather pants and over-the-knee boots as well. As it contains wool, you shouldn't be worried about getting cold at all.

And if you prefer something lighter, there is also a huge selection of tops online for every taste and size.

Happy Holidays! :)


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