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 By Allaine Lines

& Small Business Owners

Standing out in a crowd online can be tricky. It is especially difficult if you are trying to attract new customers who can’t find your small business or blog online. Online marketing is one of the most important ways to find potential customers and connect with the ones you have. 

To help you build your online marketing plan, here are five useful tips for your small business or blog.

Know Your Audience

It is one of the basics of marketing - know who your customers are. When you understand who your customers are or who you want to reach, you can create the most effective plan to find them. Don’t assume that “everyone” will be interested in your business. 

Focus on One or Two Marketing Strategies That Will Have the Biggest Impact

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Once you have narrowed down who your customers are, focus on one or two strategies to reach them. If you try multiple methods at once, it can be challenging to know what is actually useful. Go for the most significant results first. For online customers, a top ranking on Google search is often the best way to find customers. 

For example, if your customers are young homeowners who live in Calgary, focus on improving your Calgary SEO. Get listed on local directories and business sites, and be sure your business is registered on Google my business, so you show up on Google Maps. A listing on Google Maps or your local small business directory is an excellent way to get free advertising

Focus on your Existing Customers/Readers

It is far more challenging to attract new customers than to keep the customers you already have. Run promotions for your customers and offer incentives for loyalty. Ask your current customers to refer their friends and family in exchange for a discount or rebate. Follow-up with happy customers with a thank you email and ask them to leave a review on your site. 

Create a Website

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Create a website for your business or blog with important company information and links to your services. You can also link your insightful blog posts to other pages on your website to draw customers in and help them find your services. 

Think about getting creative with your site and add attractive pictures and videos to help explain your business. You can even create video animation for a plumbing business as a way to share your expertise and information about the services you offer. 

Use Social Media

You should also create a page for your business or blog on Facebook and other social media and link it to your blog or business page. Post links to your blog articles on your social media page to find and engage more customers. Social media is also a great place to show your company’s human side with behind the scenes photos and videos.

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