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FASHION TRENDS - Spring/Summer 2021

 By Content Elites

with Floral Dresses

Pompoms Hem Floral Print Belted Cami Dress (Photo courtesy of Content Elites)

Summer is all about vibrant colors, cheer, laughter, and sunshine and floral define summer dress the best way. Your wardrobe is incomplete without floral dresses and we just can’t deny how they’ll be trending huge in the upcoming season. The floral pattern is considered feminine and romantic and you got to have a few in your wardrobe to up your style statement. 

To get a more chic and fashionable look choose to wear a bright floral dress or go for a pastel-colored print but make sure to pair them with the right accessories. 

Here are a few floral dresses you can choose to slay through the summer. 

Black Floral Short Dress

Belted Floral-Print Dress (Photo courtesy of Content Elites)

Floral fashion is elegant and playful at the same time. The black floral print short dress is a very general term to describe perfect floral clothes but it is versatile. The design can be anything from multi-colored to single-colored, bright or neutral pallet, or even a simple floral pattern. However, when choosing a dress, go for natural fabrics like cotton. This fabric is breathable and dry easily in case of excessive sweating in contrast to synthetic clothes. 

Slay in Baby Pink

Gina Bacconi Pink Venetia Floral Embroidery Dress (Photo courtesy of Content Elites)

The pink floral dress is extremely exemplary for a summer party or a date, easy to wear, and exceptionally comfortable. Pink is a girly color and the slightly nude pink will be much in trend in the coming summers. The attractive combination of pink color with floral print is a dream come true for fashion enthusiasts out there. So a dress like this is a must for your summer wardrobe. 

Sunflowers all Over

Sunflower Print Tee Dress (Photo courtesy of Content Elites)

A sunflower floral print dress is the perfect fit for a casual summer outing. This particular design is vibrant and can help pull off a basic summer look. Accessorize sunflower dress with a dazzling neckpiece and a sling bag, for footwear, go with gladiators or wedges. It represents a fresh look which you can carry off creatively to any occasion. It’s a head-turner so add this to your shopping list.

Elegant White

Pompoms Hem Floral Print Belted Cami Dress (Photo courtesy of Content Elites)

White describes a serene sense along with a subtle feminine aura. The white dress is nothing but pretty attire for a summer evening party which will give you a princess look. The white floral dress is stunning and can win hearts. The best part about the white floral dress is that it is versatile as one can wear it to almost any occasion, be it office wear or casual wear. However, remember to accessorize it well as per the situation. Make a statement with a beautiful white floral dress and make people turn their heads.

Vintage Inspired

Plus Surplice Front Large Floral Belted Dress (Photo courtesy of Content Elites)

As they say, whatever goes around comes around is something applied to the trending fashion trends as well. The floral dress trends that were followed in the 90’s have made their way back again. The vintage-styled floral dress with a front bow is a stunning one and it’s just what you need to upgrade your wardrobe for a complete change. It is a dress with a unique design and a must have for the summer season.

So, these are a few floral dresses you can buy to blossom up your style statement. If you are looking to buy god quality floral dresses for women at an affordable price, then visit women floral dresses to browse and buy from our beautiful collection. 

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