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Who Inspired Millions Of Budding Entrepreneurs

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The millennial and Gen-Z populations have a thing for entrepreneurship. They hate to be bossed around, and they love to be independent and self-sufficient at a young age. And, by a young age, some have reached the peaks of popularity at even 16 by developing brands and creating startups. Some others are social media influencers, who help spread happiness and positivity all over. 

So, let us know about four such young celebrities, who have done it big in their respective industries. 

Ashley Burgos

Born in 1996, she has founded a clothing line and is also the mother of a baby daughter. Her interest in modeling began at a young age, probably an influence from her mother, Bernice, who is an Instagram star and a famous model herself. With her help and support, Ashley has been the co-owner, manager, and brand promoter of Bernice’s clothing brand, Bold and Beautiful. One of the richest youngsters, Ashley Burgos net worth is around $1 million. At 24, she is also the mother of a beautiful daughter and earns about $500 from each of her sponsored posts. 

Hannah Grace

A patient of Type 1 Diabetes mellitus since 11 months of age, Hannah has struggled throughout her life to earn the lifestyle she has today. Her father knew that she may become a CEO or an entrepreneur and supported her endlessly. One of the first products that Hannah made was her DIY bath bombs, which she sold at a local gift store. It was a response to a challenge that her father threw at her while visiting her favorite beauty store. Today, she is the owner of leading beauty brands, beYOUtiful, and donates a large section of her income to the needy. Oh yes, the 27-years entrepreneur loves puppies. 

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Steve Arhancet

In 2012, this young man left his six-figure salary job to follow his dreams in the eGaming sector. Today, he is one of the most popular eSports enthusiast, who owns his dream company and earns several rewards and cash prizes through his affluent team. You will be astonished to learn about the life of Steve Arhancet who has trained many pro-gamers and inspired millions of gamers to follow their passion for good. In other words, this young man has established the hollowness of the common assumption – Playing games cannot pay your bills. 

Moziah Bridges

He was only nine when he launched Mo’s Bows, inspired by his grand’s style of sewing. Soon he started selling them online and got quite some recognition. One of the youngest entrepreneurs in the century, Moziah also appeared in season 5 of Shark Tank, where most celebrities lose their feet. His confidence and calmness won the hearts of many critics. Moz shares a cute relationship with his mother, who calls herself his CEO, while he is the CEO of the company, Mo’s Bows. To date, he has sold $200,000 million worth of his products to local stores and online. 

These young minds have proved once again that age is just a number and that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it. Does any other name pop in your mind? Let us know!

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