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By Carrie Davis

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Beginnings are never easy and it takes a lot of courage and will to start something new. Every new career requires a lot of investment and sometimes months go by before you start earning from your business. 

There are many different ways to promote your business, and here are the most effective ones in the permanent makeup industry. 

Social media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for promoting your business and attracting more customers. The best thing is that it is free! Having professionally done photos is a starting point. You don't need to hire an expert to do them for you - check out what your competition does. Try to find out which filters and apps the most popular permanent makeup artists use. Copy their tips and tricks, such as the angle they use for taking photos or how they position the ring light. However, insert something that is just yours, that will make you recognizable on social media. Logo is a must on every photo, it is your signature around the web. 

Communicate with your followers, because they are your potential clients. Organize a giveaway which will get you more followers and the winner can get a free service. Use instagram and facebook ads that will target people in your area who are interested in getting a permanent makeup treatment.

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Connect with other PMU artists on social media. Praise their work and they will return the favor by sharing your pictures, bringing your work to a wider audience. It is a good idea to attend permanent makeup conferences where you will not only learn about new techniques, but you will also become a member of the permanent makeup community, where you can learn a lot. 

Some permanent makeup courses, such as a 2-day microblading training in Miami, usually have business tips and industry secrets included and offer support long after you finish the training. Choosing a good course can also help you connect with other permanent makeup artists. 

Referral Program

Offering your services at low prices to attract more customers can be tricky. It can show that you are inexperienced and a beginner. However, offering some discounts can be a much better option. For example, if you hand out leaflets, give 5% off to the person who comes with a leaflet.

Referral programs are a nice way to reward someone for recommending your services. If your customer brings a friend, they get some discount. This way of promotion has been done for years and it works because it is a direct recommendation combined with a discount. 

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Google Ads

For permanent makeup business, Google Ads are currently the most effective, but probably the most expensive, way of advertising. This means hiring an agency to do that for you. It costs, but it definitely pays off as long as you are good at your job.

You also need to have a good website. If a google ad sends those who click on it to a complicated website full of mistakes, then it is a waste of money. Invest in an attractive website, that will contain a lot of pictures of your work and testimonials of your former clients. 

Offer more services

Once you master one technique, it is time to learn something new and include it in your offer. For example, if you offer microblading, learn to do a lash lift of lip blush. Thus one customer can come for one procedure and get informed about the other ones and ask for them too. 

If you don't have time for it, you don't have to be the one to learn a new technique. If you have your own salon, you can rent some space to a person who will do nails or lashes. That way your salon will be visited by more customers who will come for one treatment and maybe choose something more. 

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Promoting your new pmu business requires a lot of time and energy, and sometimes a lot of money. Attracting new customers is never easy, but if you try really hard, you will soon have a fully booked salon.

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