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 By Eva Fydrych

An ultimate guide

Photo courtesy of FeelinGirl

If you are new to shapewear lingerie, you are probably wondering what exactly is it for and how to make the best use of it. In collaboration with FeelinGirl store, an online fashion retailer, we prepared a useful guide explaining various pieces of shapewear together with their function and with some styling ideas that you will find very useful. Keep on reading!

1. Shapewear Briefs or Shorts

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Shapewear shorts are an excellent introduction in case you haven’t used modelling lingerie before. They will not only support your tummy area making it look more toned and flat, but will also slim down your thighs. Choose high-waisted shorts to prevent your lingerie from rolling down or tie them to your bra using a special hook. 

Shapewear shorts are your to-go solution when your are planning to wear a bodycon dress or skinny jeans and don’t want any lines of lingerie to be visible while maintaining support and control of your lower body.

Photo courtesy of FeelinGirl

2. Waist Cincher (sometimes referred to as a waspie)

Looking for a stylish outfit to work out? Best waist trainer for women looks a bit like a wide belt, but does much more than your regular fashion accessory. It offers full control of your abdomen area and helps you exercise in style. Combine it with colourful leggings and a matching top. Your dreams about having a sexy hour-glass figure may soon become true! Keep working out.

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3. Shaperwear Bodysuit

Last but not least, full bodysuit is irreplaceable when you need more support and have a special event such as a high-end cocktail party which requires wearing a very demanding, figure-hugging dress. Shapewear bodysuit will not only prevent unwanted wardrobe malfunctions but will also hide all your imperfections and accentuate your curves. 

Make sure you choose correct size of your lingerie, not the one too small or too big, as shapewear will only work properly if it fits. As many online retails offer various size charts that may differ from each other, pay extra attention to the measurements and buying the right size.

Photo courtesy of FeelinGirl

It is worth noticing that majority of shapewear is designed and produced using modern technology and made of light, breathable fabrics that are very comfortable to wear, almost like your second skin. Most pieces are suitable for a long-term wear - from a couple of hours to even a whole day.

As you can see shapewear is not only very useful, but also easy and comfortable to wear as long as you know its function and follow a couple of simple steps mentioned above. Happy shopping!

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