Tuesday, January 12, 2021


By Eva Fydrych

Wedding photos created by prostooleh and v.ivash - freepik.com; Dresses: Alfabridal

Let's continue our search for fashionable and affordable bridesmaid dresses for 2021. Have a look at these gorgeous chiffon bridesmaid dresses under 100 $ and follow our styling and beauty tips for a successful and stress-free wedding day. Are you ready?

Background photo created by v.ivash - www.freepik.com

If you are looking for an elegant bridesmaid dress this season however your budget is limited, you don't always need to compromise on style. Make sure other elements of your look such as hair, makeup, and accessories are spotless and chosen with great attention to detail. Below you can find our top tips how to look fabulous on your big day out. 

  • PLAN AHEAD - It is always better to prepare in advance and have peace of mind knowing that your dream dress is already hanging in your closet. Don't leave your shopping for the last minute!

  • BE YOURSELF - Make sure that you feel comfortable in everything you wear. Try to look good in a natural and instinctive way. That's sometimes more important that strictly following all the fashion rules. When your outfit is too forced, it looks like a fancy dress.

  • DETAILS! - Makeup, hair, and accessories can make or break the look. Don't forget to pay attention to details. Is your nail polish matching your outfit? Is your complexion looking radiant and healthy? How are you going to style your hair?

 Woman photo created by jcomp - www.freepik.com

Thanks to professional online boutiques such as alfabridal.com which offer a one stop shop for all your wedding needs, you can now select a stylish yet affordable dress for the next event. Variety of colours and styles available on their website make it a perfect place for online shopping. What are your thoughts about bridesmaid dresses shown below?

V-neck Two Pieces Short Chiffon Tulle Bridesmaid Dress (Photo courtesy of Alfabridal)

Light Blue Strapless Sweetheart Sleek Bridesmaid Dress (Photo courtesy of Alfabridal)

Velvet Flutter Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress With Open Back (Photo courtesy of Alfabridal)

Two Pieces V-neck Spaghetti Straps A-line Tulle Prom Dress (Photo courtesy of Alfabridal)

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