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CLO Virtual Fashion User Summit 2021

SEOUL, South Korea - CLO Virtual Fashion, world leader in 3D garment simulation technology, is holding their first global, digital-only user summit from February 23 to 24. The event will entail high quality content of the latest industry insights, presentations of the newest CLO products and integrations, as well as Design workshops - allowing attendees to learn and transform the way they work and engage in the apparel industry.

Prior to the pandemic, CLO Virtual Fashion hosted yearly on-site user summit events at each of their international locations. These gatherings gave clients and users the opportunity to connect with each other, gain inspiration from CLO success stories, find out about the latest updates and integrations, and to celebrate the exciting digital shift in the industry. Due to the current times, gathering in-person has been difficult, thus a new framework had to be implemented in order to allow these events to continue during the current situation. With this year’s global summit, CLO Virtual Fashion gives users across the globe the ability to register and tune in to a two-day event, with sessions hosted from three different continents, accessible from all time zones. This event will be the first-ever all access event of its kind by the company.

CLO Virtual Fashion User Summit 2021

Here is what to expect from the Virtual User Summit 2021, beginning on February 23rd at 8.45 a.m. CET. The event will kick-off with a warm welcome from Simon Kim, the CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion. The first day of the event will showcase exciting user stories from leading international brands and manufacturers including Zamira Fashion Limited, Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Limited, MANGO, CLO power User Alberto Lovisetto, HUGO BOSS, and a presentation from Simon Kim, giving a detailed introduction to the future of CLO-SET, CLO’S all-in-one data analytics tool, communication platform, Product Development Collaboration system, digital asset management system, virtual asset marketplace and portfolio management tool. The following day gives way to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with CLO, including a user story from Asmara International, an introduction to CLO-Vise, which bridges the gap between PLM solutions and CLO, and exciting presentations introducing new CLO integrations from Substance by Adobe and Jeanologia. Furthermore, representatives of Cotton Inc. and SwatchOn will be present, providing users all there is to know about working with digital fabrics in CLO and about the future of Fabrics. As academics remain an integral part of CLO Virtual Fashion, Parsons School of Design will be speaking about the importance of 3D Technologies before entering the workforce. Throughout the two-day event, users can take part in CLO Design workshops on various topics that span across Avatar Editing, Lighting Techniques, Denim, and so much more.

All interested parties can browse the full agenda and attend the CLO Virtual Fashion User Summit here.

About CLO Virtual Fashion

CLO Virtual Fashion is a world leader in 3D garment simulation technology. With more than 15 years of research and development in garment simulation, CLO Virtual Fashion envisions their technology to become not only the tool to create virtual garments, but also the platform to provide valuable data about garments, designs, and trends. Their products include CLO (3D design software for apparel designers and brands), Marvelous Designer (3D design software for character artists at gaming and animation companies), Benefit by CLO (virtual fitting platform) and CLO-SET (communications and collaboration platform for virtual garments). CLO Virtual Fashion is a global company with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Munich, Madrid, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Bangalore. For more information, visit

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