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Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

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New York, NY, Feb. 9th, 2021 – Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) invites budding designers from across Asia to compete for a chance at their very own New York Fashion Week runway debut. This season, five brands (slightly smaller than our usual seven brands) from East Asian countries, are debuting their FW21 collections at AFC’s 8th annual event, presenting on the best stages to conclude an arduous journey!

From Japan, we are presenting the following three designers: kaoism(e) by Kao Tomiyama, diaments colour by Daisuke Oguchi, and YONLOKSAN by Aoi Niikuni. Additionally, we have continued_studio by South Korean designer Newman Han, along with Syzygy, by Taiwan’s Yuan Lung Kao. 

Due to the current pandemic crisis, international travel that are usually taken for granted in the fashion world is severely restricted, It is most natural and expected for Asian brands to host their physical shows within their homelands in Asia. Because of our burning passion and love for New York, HOWEVER, we are excited to realize our dreams of debuting at NYFW in digital. It is our hope that you will accompany us on February 16th, as we aim to reach the broadest audience possible during these challenging times. Please join us in our journey in discovering the next burst of Asian designers.

Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) NYFW February 2021 Digital Runway Show
Date: Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 
Time: 7:00pm EST 
Official NYFW Viewing:

Photo courtesy of Asia Fashion Collection (AFC)

About Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) 

Asia Fashion Collection is an incubation project produced and sponsored by Vantan Inc. and PARCO CO., LTD, in partnership with other Asian affiliates. AFC provides a platform for emerging talent in the Fashion industry, throughout Asia, to compete for a chance to debut their collections during New York Fashion Week. Seven brands, from a number of Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, will debut their collections as a part of AFC’s annual runway presentation at NYFW. AFC is passionate about discovering and nurturing new talent, while widening the reach in the fashion industry by fostering the growth of the continent’s most promising up-and-coming designers. 

AFC’s Judges include: Kaname Murakami (Editor in Chief, WWD Japan), Masaya Kubota (Director of First Business Affairs Department, BEAMS), Daiki Nakane (TOKYO BASE STUDIOUS Brand Director/ Buyer), Chihiro Sekine (Women’s Merchandiser, Isetan Mitsukoshi), and Fumiya Yoshinouchi (Editorial Board/Director, 

About Vantan Inc. 

The history of Vantan began over 53 years ago in a small garage in Ebisu, Tokyo. Led by a team of visionary professionals, Vantan now provides a wide range of studies in the Creative Arts. These include Fashion, Hairstyling, Makeup Artistry, Cosmetology, Graphic Design, Film, Photography, Game Design, Animation, Manga, Sound Design and Culinary Arts. With over 195,000 graduates to date, Vantan's unique approach to hands-on, business-oriented education has solidified it as a vanguard institution. 

Notable alumni includes: Kunihiko Morinaga (Designer/Owner, 2019 LVMH finalist ANREALAGE), Kanako Takase (Makeup Artist), Daiki Suzuki (Owner/Designer, Engineered Garments) 

About PARCO CO., LTD. 

Since the establishment of Ikebukuro PARCO in 1969, their mission has been to cultivate and showcase culture in all forms. While the company’s core DNA is Fashion, they have extended across numerous categories to include, Music, Visual Art, and Theater, while bringing a splash of color to consumer culture as a whole. These initiatives have established PARCO as a leader in creative work spaces, attracting an abundance of talent, that amplifies a creative circle that continues to drive forward and pave the way for the next cultural movement. 



• Designer name: Kao Tomiyama
• School: Vantan Design Institute Tokyo School 3rd year
• IG: @ kaoism_e
• Look for at NYFW FW21 Runway show: 10 Women’s


The theme of kaoism(e) FW21 collection draws from the notion of “dressing up,” and the joy that one feels, during and after the process. Inspired by a famous actress, designer Kao Tomiyama saw on a TV show, sharing her story about a new dress purchase and the emotions attached to it. Tomiyama used this as the creative force to design her latest collection. Once reserved for special occasions, she believes that changing the context of getting dressed can bring joy to everyday life. She hopes that her new collection, entitled “NEIGHBORHOOD DRESS”, will spark the same feeling of exhilaration.

• Brand concept

The brand concept is not to choose clothing based on a place or occasion, but to coordinate and wear them wherever we like - as we like. The brand hopes that by removing the prescribed ideas on fashion, everyone can express themselves more freely through dressing. For women visionaries, kaoism(e) brings forth a collection with a unique perspective without restraints or dated logic, while changing the stereotypes of T.P.O. Without limitation, Tomiyama uses color, pattern and texture to construct many combinations that challenge the expected and bring life to her debut designs.

• Designer/Brand bio

Born in 1999, in Saitama Japan, Tomiyama’s passion for clothes started while in kindergarten, after seeing a costume at a ballet recital. She has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since then. Her plans were to attend an ordinary university and work in the apparel industry, but her journey turned towards becoming a fashion designer. She took the plunge, entering the VANTAN Design Institute, majoring in Fashion Design.

Photo courtesy of Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) Click to enlarge

Photo courtesy of Asia Fashion Collection (AFC)

To be continued...

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