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with 2021 Spray Paint Color Palette

The 2021 Krylon Color Palette. Distinctive hues designed to delight, and driven by trends
from an unprecedented year. (Photo: Business Wire)

CLEVELAND - The world was forced to pause on our fast-paced lifestyle, and we were pushed to refocus on what really matters. At-home artisans are looking to nostalgia to color their spaces, while new creatives are pushing boundaries of nature and digital experience. The Krylon® brand looked to the healing power of the elements and a desire for escape to curate its 2021 color-trend palette, a selection of 12 spray paint hues that will define design trends in the coming year.

“Home has been redefined this year as a place to work, exercise, relax and express our creativity,” said Sue Kim, color marketing manager, Krylon. “Color has the power to calm us, motivate us and to provide healing at the end of the day. Our 2021 color palette is a reflection of this desire to create spaces that combat the fear of uncertainty and inspire moments of calm and happiness.”

A Quest for Tranquility, Nostalgia and Escape.

Trusted in countless households for more than 70 years, the Krylon brand is known for breadth of color and making it easy to restore or refresh any project. To develop its 2021 color palette, Krylon color experts looked to artists, nature, modern floral artistry and history for inspiration. The result is a palette of 12 distinctive colors in three photo-worthy families.

Pattern photo created by snowing -

1. Rooted in Nature.

Designed to soothe the senses and ignite feelings of joy, tranquility and ease, these botanical colors are distilled in soft midtones with patterns cast in subtle, low-relief textures that bring surfaces to life through tactility and touch:

  • Satin Terracotta – Terracotta red is a colorful neutral being brought into the home on décor, ceramics and soft goods. Look to the Krylon® Fusion All-in-One® family to achieve this soft, yet bold look.
  • Brilliant Metal Gold Metallic – A decorative, handcrafted movement is on the rise within metalwork. This softly spun gold elevates any ordinary project into a timeless piece and can be found in the Krylon product family.
  • Satin Jade – Symbolic of peace and calm, this midtone blue-green gives a nod to vintage and the natural quality of jade stone available in the Krylon® COLORmaxx™ line.
  • Satin Pistachio – Green is a restful and nurturing tone. This shade, found in the Krylon COLORmaxx line, is associated directly with nature and the lush outdoors. Being in nature is proven to improve mood, cognition and health.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

2. New Heritage.

The human need to escape from these uncertain times means maintaining a focus on history, both personal and imagined. People are increasingly drawn to the magical and unreal as a means of elated fulfillment found in this color grouping that lends itself well to high-end interior spaces with its jewel-like tones and crystalline finishes.

  • Matte Ink Blue – Blue has dominated the homeware market recently in a varied palette of hues. Creative applications of color and dynamic finishes found in the Krylon Fusion All-in-One family of products help to update and rejuvenate any space.
  • Satin Peacock Blue – This midnight forest shade provides a darker, more dramatic tone. Rooted in heritage with a velvety feel, find this bold color in the Krylon Fusion All-in-One family.
  • Matte Black – An increased use of striking matte black, soft-touch surfaces is filtering through in architecture, product and design. The lusterless finish is perfect for architecture, creating a striking contrast with natural surroundings. Find this in the Fusion All-in-One family from Krylon.
  • Chalky Finish Classic White – Soft-touch, matte, and brushed finishes help to diversify this refined shade, which successfully captures minimalistic Scandinavian style. Look for this in the Krylon product family.

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3. Digitally Reimagined.

As many are working, learning and playing at home, we’ve become more in tune with the digital environment. Artificially created nature provides a visual simulation of surreal and otherworldly impressions found in this boldly balanced family:

  • Gloss Bright Idea – Applied as all-over color to products or used to flood interior sets, the uplifting shade of yellow in the Krylon COLORmaxx line offers playful additions to office and home interiors and helps to create impactful and optimistic spaces.
  • Matte Soft Lilac – Purple hues are known to signify strength, peace and wisdom, creating a balanced space that exudes stillness and mindful living. This gentle Krylon COLORmaxx tone adds warmth and tactility to a minimalist environment.
  • Gloss Baby Blue – Continuing the blue and green pairings, pale and pastel shades of mint green and sky blue are hugely popular, used across hard and soft surfaces and numerous product categories. Look for this color in the Fusion All-in-One family from Krylon.
  • Gloss Coral Isle – Fiery coral remains a key color for a bright and playful approach to consumer electronics. It can take on a synthetic, modern and technical quality, or be used to conjure up feelings of well-being, comfort and reassurance. Find Gloss Coral Isle in the Krylon COLORmaxx family.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

With Krylon 2021 Color Trends, home renovators and DIYers can pair shades to create their own personal escapes that soothe and inspire. With so many color choices, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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