Wednesday, February 3, 2021


By Hilary J. England

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Many people love the idea of starting their own art collection, but have no idea of where to begin. Looking at the Art Market, and it's bewildering array of options - just seems like an overwhelming sea of information and choices.

So, how does one dip their toe into this ocean of color and styles? Is it really as complicated as purchasing a piece of jewelry or a high end car? No, for the everyday collector, it can be a very simple process.

Start with what you love.

My advice: start with what attracts you. It's truly as simple as that when starting a collection of any sort. Look at different artworks, and see what "style" attracts you. Do you love colorful, splashy, lively artwork and custom gallery prints? Does Romantic Art landscapes of far-off travels conjure dreams of distant and exotic lands?

"The Lighthouse at Dusk" Fine Art Landscape Open Edition print by American Artist Hilary J. England

Or, do you prefer technical mastery and subdued hues of an original oil painting? Are you a fan of Vincent Van Gogh? Or is Jackson Pollock more your style? Research and look over different art styles, periods, and artworks that you consider to be your favorite, and develop a palette of artwork "archetypes" you are seeking.

From there, make a vision board of how you see your artwork collection in your own space and environment. Are you looking for large, bold art pieces, or do you want a smaller, more contemplative collection for a tiny house space?

Do you want a modern look of no or simple sleek frames, or do you want rich, ornate frames to highlight a neo Victorian or eclectic decor? All of these considerations should be included in your vision.

The Red Hat Fine Art Open Edition Print (Artwork courtesy of Hilary J. England)

Prioritize your budget for purchase.

After you have your vision and goal of what you would like your art collection to be, now is time to prioritize how much your budget will be overall, and more importantly, for each art piece you envision acquiring. This will help keep your goal manageable and not be overwhelming. 

Frame photo created by vanitjan -

Original or a Customizable Print?

Original art ( versus customizable Gallery prints. Original works of art can be very costly, whereas custom gallery prints can be a more inexpensive way of building your collection without breaking your budget. 

Customizable gallery prints can be excellent alternative to an original art piece as it can be created to fit your room space, decor, and budget. 

Original art is to be considered for more than just its "looks" - it is an investment both into the artist with a possible return somewhere in the future, so whether you are looking to add an artwork to your collection for the love of the image or for the possibility of a return is a decision you must make when deciding between original art or custom gallery prints.

“Between the storms” by Hilary J. England, oil on wooden panel, 18” x 18”

Rinse, Repeat.

Once you have collected a few artwork pieces for your collection, you will have the confidence to continue building a collection that is what you had envisioned. The journey begins with a little research, a bit of budgeting, and lots of love for art!

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