Thursday, March 25, 2021


By Eva Fydrych

Try Something New This Spring

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Let's talk about fitness. The benefits of regular exercise cannot be underestimated. It is good not only for our body, but also overall health and wellbeing, including our mental health.

While there are many ways to stay fit and keep your body in perfect shape, sometimes you want to refresh your fitness routine or feel like trying a new activity. And that's where a tumble mat comes in.

Inflatable gymnastics air mats have been gaining more and more popularity in the recent years as they offer a great opportunity to stay in shape and practice your skills both indoors and outdoors. Most retailers offer mats for absolute beginners who want to improve their gymnastic skills and more experienced users who are looking for the highest quality, professional products.

Photo courtesy of Tumblemat

Finding the best air tumble mat is really simple. First, you need to establish where you are going to use it and how much space you have availablethis will determine the type and size of your mat. For outdoor use, choose stronger and more durable material (double-walled or drop stitched).

Photo courtesy of Tumblemat

Professional air mats tend to be quite pricey, but you can always find an attractive air tumble mat set sale which will help you save a lot of money.

Air mats are suitable for several activities including gymnastic training, cheerleading, yoga, aerobics, dancing, martial arts, wrestling, and other high-impact sports. They are also great for kids to play in the backyard and can serve several purposes while organising an outdoor birthday party.

Tumblemat, an online retailer that we've discovered just recently, offers a variety of colours and shapes of air mats, including special sets and round mats in different sizes. We especially like their grey and pink colour combination and super fashionable light grey and fresh mint.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

As you can see, there are no excuses not to get fit this season and there are several ways to make your workout routine more versatile and fun. By incorporating something new into your fitness regimen, you will stay motivated and inspire your friends to include regular exercise as part of their lifestyle as well. 

Enjoy your workout in style!

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