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By Lena Hemsworth

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Being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Being a working mom only makes things more complicated. You are juggling a hundred and one different obligations every single day. Your stress levels are high, you are probably tired all the time, and you will like your life is all over the place. We hope this article can make things a bit easier.

Being as productive as possible and managing your time is key to juggling all of this extra work and stress. Through this article, we hope you will learn how to maximize your efficiency, making the most out of every second of your day.

Stick to your schedules

We all know working moms are stressed but do you know how stressed? Working moms’ stress levels are 40% higher than those of other people, according to raw data. Minimizing it as much as possible is pivotal for success and happiness. So, get out a pen and paper, start-up Google Calendar, and make a schedule.

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Yes, we understand it sounds too easy and straightforward to be true, but it does work. You need to schedule time for as many activities and timeframes as you can. This helps you understand how you spend your time, it enables you to get a better grip on the day, saving you from forgetting important meetings and appointments. However, there is one benefit that most people are not aware of.

Namely, by making a schedule and writing everything down, you free up your mind. Instead of wasting valuable mental energy juggling activities in your head, you can just take out your notebook or open up a calendar app, and you know exactly what you have to do and when. This habit basically does some of the thinking for you.

Get a work out in

“A workout? How on Earth am I to find the time for a workout?” You gasp in horror. Well, you should find some time, bear with us.

Studies have shown that working out has numerous mental health benefits. It reduces anxiety, depression, and it boosts self-esteem. A good workout also has obvious physical benefits. 

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While you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted, a very quick 15-minute jog, yoga session, or circuit workout will actually freshen you up. You will think more clearly, feel more optimistic, energized, and all-around better equipped to tackle the day. Starting your day with 15 minutes of physical activity will actually make you more productive - think of it like you just made every chore of the day 10-15% easier. The hard part is getting started, of course, but even starting with 5 minutes can be enough to get you going.


You don’t have to do everything. In fact, you shouldn’t. Try to delegate as many of your obligations as you can. If you are fortunate enough to have a choice, always invest in time, not in stuff. For example, don’t buy a nice present for yourself - hire a nanny and get some time to chill and breathe. If you have the money, better save it up and hire a regular housekeeper so you can focus on your business and your kids.

When it comes to your company, try to delegate as much as you can. All of that busywork, paperwork, filing, invoices, all of that stuff can hand over to an employee. Also, learn how to delegate properly. If you have many people working with or for you, maybe invest in an employee app and communicate with them more easily. 

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The catch here is that you need to figure out your priorities. You only have so much productivity in you, only so much energy, and it needs to be distributed properly. Spending more time with your children and focusing on the things only you can do within your company should always take center stage in your life. 

On a purely practical level, delegating boosts your productivity by allowing you to do more with less. Fewer tasks mean there is more of you that can be invested in them, giving you greater results.

Sleep and breaks matter

No, you cannot function on 5 or 6 hours of sleep. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute clearly states that you need 7 to 8 hours of sleep to maintain your mental and physical health. It doesn’t make you tough, or a badass, or a better mom/entrepreneur/girl boss. 

Prioritizing sleep and at least 30 minutes of me-time per day helps you become more productive. Just like exercise, proper rest helps you do everything you do better, faster, more efficiently. A lack of sleep means your brain isn’t as quick as it could be. The scariest part is that you won’t even notice until the effects of sleep deprivation come to bite you in the behind.

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We would, however, like to place a slight caveat here. Namely, we understand that sometimes this isn’t possible. There are days where even six hours of sleep and 5 minutes of me-time are a pure luxury. Still, keep our above advice in mind for those occasions when you can at least grab a catnap.


Learning how to juggle so many different aspects of your life is not easy, and better productivity is key to your mental and physical health. Learn how to forgive yourself, how to be ok with making mistakes, being ok with being tired. You need to rest and take care of yourself whenever you can. Proper delegation can create more room for growth, advancement, quality time, rest, and relaxation. A good schedule will keep (most of) the chaos at bay, so plan accordingly.


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