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By Naomi Shaw

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Eating healthy is an admirable goal that more people should at least try, but there is an art to making healthy, green meals that are also tasty and exciting. There is the general myth that healthy food is bland, boring, repetitive, and restrictive, but that is not true. While some people may choose to meal prep and eat the same thing every day, there are plenty of ways to eat healthily and still have fun with your daily meals. 

There is no one way to prepare healthy meals, and there is more room to experiment than you might imagine. Between online recipes, a slew of green cookbooks, and your own imagination, there is no limit to how you can prepare green and healthy meals that will keep you interested and satisfied.

You can enjoy all the delicious healthy meals you can make while also enjoying the other benefits of eating a green diet. While you are trying fresh meals and playing with spices, your body is enjoying protecting against yeast overgrowth, inflammation, and more. There is more to eating healthy than you may know, and below are just a few ways to maximize your new healthy diet so you can enjoy your meals, and your body can appreciate the upgraded fuel. 

What Is Not Part Of A Healthy Diet

Most people have a general idea of what counts as part of a healthy diet, but the foods that are not considered healthy are a much longer list. Naturally, vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, healthy fats, and proteins are the core of a healthy diet, but sadly the list of foods to avoid when eating healthy is much harder to list exhaustively.

While the entire list of foods to avoid is too long to write out, there are some general rules you can follow to stay on the right track. Try your best to avoid processed foods with added sugars and synthetic ingredients. While brightly colored foods are not always unhealthy, carefully check the label to make sure added colors are basic dyes that are safe to eat, approved by the FDA, and will not trigger any allergies as red and yellow food dyes can cause mild allergic reactions

Photo courtesy of Naomi Shaw

Portion Size Still Matters

You can make only healthy meals, but if you routinely overeat and snack throughout the day, your healthy efforts will be for nothing. Eating too much healthy food is still not a good idea, even if it is slightly better than eating too much junk food. If you want to lose weight, what you eat does matter, but calories in versus calories out is still the central equation you must pay attention to, and overeating healthy food will still tip that equation in the wrong direction. The correct amount of calories and portion sizes for each person depends on too many unique factors for a universal recommendation, but talk with a professional before you start drastically cutting foods or altering your eating habits. 

Add Flavor With Herbs And Spices

When you first start eating healthy, the meals may be simple and a bit on the dull side as you get comfortable working up to more complicated concoctions. However, there are ways to make any meal more flavorful without compromising the nutritional aspects. Herbs and spices are the best natural way to add flavor to dishes while keeping everything healthy. Some herbs and spices even have their own health benefits that only make your healthy diet even better. Cinnamon has been connected to lower inflammation, and other items like sage, peppermint, basil, ginger, peppers, and more have their own benefits in addition to tasting good. 

Photo courtesy of Naomi Shaw

Easy On The Salt

Salt may be a tasty flavor, but it can also increase your blood pressure and increase your risk of severe issues like heart attacks. A little bit of salt adds flavor and interest to otherwise bland meals, but too much salt is not good for you. Some salt is suitable for your diet as there is a daily sodium recommendation, but the average person already consumes too much sodium in their diet, so be careful with how much salt you add to meals. 

Eating a green and healthy diet is a great way to improve your overall life, but there are many ways to create a healthy diet. Be sure to avoid the swath of unhealthy foods, watch your portion sizes, and add herbs and spices to make healthy meals even better, but avoid over-salting foods for the best results. 

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