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By Eva Fydrych

At the Most Popular Design Trends This Year

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As we spend more time at home than ever before (and this trend is going to continue due to remote work becoming our new reality), we tend to pay more attention to interior design.

People are investing a lot of time and energy into making their houses more functional, searching for new statement pieces and decor detailsand generally rethinking the spaces they live in.

Some of the most popular interior design trends for 2021 include:

1. Sustainable Design

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  • reused materials
  • new bioplastics (plastic materials produced from vegetable fats and oils, recycled food waste, and other renewable biomass sources)
  • creating pieces with unusual materials

2. Statement Pieces

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3. Luxury Minimal Design

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  • handcrafted furniture and decor items made with luxury materials
  • clear spaces with great attention to detail
  • "less is more" trend
  • liveable luxury

4. Functionality

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  • paying extra attention to the function and comfort of using as opposed to focusing on just aesthetics
  • creating multipurpose spaces
  • decorative smart lighting options
  • furniture concepts that play double duty
  • durable fabrics that can be washed multiple times
  • comfortable upholstery
  • furniture pieces that are versatile and chic
  • adapting unused spaces (example: turning a dining room into a work from home office)
  • prioritising storage and easy access to items that we use daily

5. Natural Elements

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  • bringing nature into our homes
  • emphasising human-nature connection
  • natural & organic materials (wood—left raw & unstained, rattan, cotton, leather, seagrass)
  • artisan-crafted furniture
  • wood reclaimed and refinished from older buildings
  • wood with minimal lines (sleek and free from ornamentation)
  • bringing as much natural light as possible
  • edible gardens freshly—grown indoor herbs and vegetable plants
  • cultivating outdoor spaces (patios, backyards, gardens)

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As many countries around the world have experienced strict lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic, people continue to crave travelling, being outdoors, and having more contact with nature. Bringing more natural elements into our living environment is one of the ways to reestablish that connection and find the right balance.

Indoor trees and plants have never been more fashionable!

6. Modern Rustic

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  • a new interpretation of a classic theme—an open floor plan, very simple colour palette (white, beige, grey), preserved and exposed natural architectural elements, large windows bringing the outdoors in, modern furniture, clean lines
  • an organic look that can produce a relaxed, calm vibe

7. Graphic Art

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  • faces / geometry / lines / shapes / figurative art / free-flowing illustrations 
  • unique, colourful artwork that adds dramatic tension to a space

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8. Industrial Style

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  • large open spaces
  • raw materials
  • minimalist colour palette
  • ascetic interiors

9. Popular Colours

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  • dark blue (new black!)—elegant, often combined with gold
  • grey—sophisticated, modern spaces
  • neutral colour schemes—creating cosy, welcoming environments
  • earthy palettes and textures (camels, olive green, burnt orange)
  • blush replacing white (often combined with grey, dark blue, and gold)
  • dark hues used as a backdrop for headboards (bedroom) and artwork (living room)

10. Wall Decor

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  • peel-and-stick wallpaper and plaster walls are coming back in style with tropical and exotic themes being one of the dominant trends for 2021 (they are perfect for an easy and dramatic room change and can instantly take you to the most remote destination without leaving your house)

11. Maximalism

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  • the return of highly decorative, eclectic, and personal interiors
  • regaining a sense of individualism
  • creating exciting interior stories
  • surrounding yourself with the things you love
  • lots of personal touches
  • fun, unexpected colour accents
  • furniture and objects acting as souvenirs and tools to tell a story
  • mixing various style and global influences
  • up-cycling, repairing and personalising home accessories
  • interiors that reflect our personalities and feel joyful
  • textured furniture
  • "Grandmillenial" style—modern designs mixed with second-hand vintage pieces and retro elements

12. Home Tech

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  • intelligent technologies
  • smart home systems with app and voice-control
  • investing in state-of-the-art equipment and home entertainment
  • creating media rooms, home theatres (with rollable televisions and bigger screens), and gaming rooms
  • intelligent beds monitoring sleep patterns and changing the sleeping position automatically
  • increased use of solar panels
  • creating home offices with the latest available technology and fastest internet connection
  • people are becoming more tech-savvy and open to digitising their home

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What's Falling Out of Fashion

  • grey kitchen interiors
  • all-white interiors
  • the 1950s and 1960s designs
  • accent walls
  • matching furniture sets
  • faux plants

Refresh Your Space!

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If you would like to refresh your apartment without starting from scratch, here are a couple of useful ideas:

- move your furniture around / create a new space just by rearranging what you already have
- change the colour palette: paint your walls with a new colour / add interesting elements such as new bed throw, cushions, curtains, etc.
- add an eye-catching wallpaper (have a look at some inspiration here)
- shuffle your artwork around / get a new statement piece that will take centre stage in the living room or bedroom
- repurpose things: renovate old furniture / mix old with new
- invest time in creating your ideal home office—a space that is functional, comfortable, and inspiring
- build a dedicated workout space (your home gym for online personal training sessions, zumba or yoga classes, and exercising with friends online)
- create your own bathroom sanctuary where you can recharge and de-stress (think of it as a home spa and a place to escape to after a tough day)
- increase storage and make more space / declutter / opt for a more balanced, harmonious environment

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Good luck with creating your dream home in 2021!

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