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By Matt Casadona

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Marketing is an industry that changes all the time and if you’re not careful, you can get left in the dust. Avoid being left behind in 2021 by embracing new marketing tactics and initiatives. If you feel like your brainstorming sessions aren’t resulting in any creativity or innovation, we’ve got your back. Continue reading to learn about some new ways you can tackle your marketing goals. 2021 is all about getting your customers engaged and showcasing your company in the best way possible. 

Marketing Tactic #1: Ramp Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is more important than ever and for companies, it’s a lucrative place to engage with existing customers while searching out new ones. Customer retention will be increasingly important in 2021 as companies attempt to regain their footing. 

COVID-19 has led to a major increase in the amount of time people spend online and on social media. In turn, there’s more opportunity for businesses to shift their focus to social media to re-engage with long-time consumers. Even just a few hundred dollars a month spent on social media marketing can drive profits. 

If you’ve been avoiding hiring a dedicated social media marketer, 2021 is a great time to change that. A good social media marketer can develop a social media content plan, engage with customers, and monitor key metrics. 

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Marketing Tactic #2: Pay Attention to Voice Search

Although voice search isn’t part of Google’s algorithm just yet, it’s still impacting search results. Why? Because voice search queries usually yield different results compared to text-based searches. Because of the wide adoption of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, queries are worded differently. In terms of your SEO strategy, consider incorporating voice search elements to attract consumers who are already using that medium. 

To capture voice search queries, content needs to be optimized so that it’s more conversational and direct. 

Marketing Tactic #3: Build Out Interactive Content

The digital landscape is filled with basic copy. But customers expect a little more these days. And to capture the attention of casual visitors, interactive content can be a key component. Interactive content provides serious value and helps potential customers learn more about your brand and company. 

One great piece of interactive content you can use on your company website is a calculator. For example, if you’re a loan provider, you can create a calculator that helps estimate the size of a loan a borrower might qualify for. Not only does this provide specific, concrete value to the customer, but it also helps the customer learn more about your product. Click to check out Truliant’s calculators on their website. 

Other interactive content you can explore includes assessments, games, polls, surveys, contests, and quizzes. 

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Marketing Tactic #4: Utilize Local SEO and Google Listings

For small businesses, one of the most important priorities in 2021 should be going all-in on your Google listings. So, make sure that you set up the Google My Business listing which provides valuable information for local customers. These are especially crucial during the pandemic, as many hours are changing on a week-by-week basis according to changing restrictions. 

It’s important to also have a geographically-defined service area in all the listings your business is in because that’s how your company shows up in “near me” searches. For example, if you own a dental practice, make sure your city is associated with your dental office. “Denver Dentist” is a more relevant search term than just “dentist,” which helps push your company to the forefront for anyone searching for that term. 

Marketing Tactic #5: Communicate Availability of Product or Services

According to market research, one of the top reasons why customers are switching their brand preferences is because of the availability of products and services. And this makes sense if you think about it. A customer is always going to choose the company that has in-stock products or available services during a time when certain products or services are incredibly limited. This is part of the reason why Amazon has been able to increase their profits by such astronomical amounts – more customers have turned to Amazon and Prime shipping to fill the gap other companies can’t. 

But how do you meet this need as a marketer? Well, the most straightforward solution is to increase the amount of inventory you have on hand or the availability of time slots for services. 

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Marketing Tactic #6: Clean Up Your Website

If you haven’t put much thought into your company website, now is the time to focus your energy on improving the user experience. For example, some answers you should ask yourself to evaluate the user-friendliness of your website include: 

  • Is there clear navigation at the top of your website?
  • Are your products or services broken down by category so customers can quickly find what they need?
  • Is there a chatbot or another way to quickly answer FAQs available on the website?
  • Is your company optimized for desktop as well as for mobile? 
  • Does your website have a clear contact page that makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you?
  • Do you have testimonials or reviews on the main page?
  • Are there attractive photos and plenty of white space? 
  • Does your website load quickly?
  • Is the checkout process clean and convenient?

If you want an example of a company doing everything right with their company website, check out this screenshot of Medcline’s:

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As you can see, the website layout is incredibly simple but effective. Navigation links and a strong, bold customer quote provide the customer with multiple options to start their buying journey. The image provides a great overview of the products available without overwhelming the page and without overwhelming the customer with too much information.

Takeaways: Marketing Tactics in 2021

Although the pandemic has proven to be a serious challenge for many businesses, there’s still plenty of ways to turn a profit. In order to make the most of 2021, consider implementing some of the marketing tactics mentioned in this article. 

About The Author

Matt Casadona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology.

He is currently a contributing editor for 365 Business Tips. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys the San Diego life, traveling and music.

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