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By Naomi Shaw

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The new year has arrived, and the season of Spring cleaning has come to spur everyone into motion. Everyone made it through the first few months of the year, but now it is time to get back to work. It may have been a whole year since you last deep cleaned your house, and even if it has only been a little while since your last clean, now is the perfect time to get your house properly clean to set the tone for the rest of the year. How you live affects your well-being and mental state, so while Spring cleaning your house might feel like a chore, it will benefit you in the long run.

Spring cleaning should also include home maintenance as your house needs more than some dusting to stay in optimal shape. If you don’t take care of your house and appliances, you may end up paying a much larger price in the future. There is so much to clean and check-in an average home, so it is worth ensuring you hit all the areas of your home. Whether you make a mental list, work back to front, or use a checklist, here are some of the most critical areas of your home to clean and maintain this Spring. 

Break Tasks Down Into Smaller Sections

When you look at your entire house and possible outdoor areas that need some Spring love, it can feel like an impossibly large task. Sitting down to start spring cleaning can be daunting and intimidating, but there are ways you can break down the whole project into smaller bits that are much more manageable. Breaking outside and inside work apart is the first step, then you can break down tasks by room, time requirement, or tackle whatever you feel like working on until all sections are done. It is worth taking the time to plan your work in advance to know what areas don’t need much attention and which areas will take the most effort to fix.

Breaking down spring maintenance into smaller sections lets you finish tasks in one day rather than having a large project hanging over your head the whole time. With smaller projects, you get the satisfaction of finishing something in one day and take a step closer to the overall project being done. Small completions each day also helps you continue your momentum to finish all your Spring cleaning tasks. 

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Essential Appliance Checks

Most people think about Spring cleaning or maintenance and instantly think about throwing away junk, dusting hard-to-reach areas, and repairing visible damage around the house. However, there are other appliances that are less visible but equally in need of routine maintenance. Your propane water heater serves you well all year round, so you should take this Spring season to give it proper maintenance and a checkup from a professional if necessary. If you want your water heater, HVAC, fireplace, and other appliances to continue working for years to come, you should make it a habit to check in on them at least once a year. 

Outside Areas To Check

The outside of your house takes a beating from the elements, and even though it was designed to withstand the outdoors, it is a good idea to make sure everything is in working order. Look for cracks or chips in your siding and seals around windows. If you can see your foundation, make sure nothing looks unusual. Inspect your deck for any signs of damage and put away tools that you left out, thinking you would be right back. If your yard has any thatch or dead ground covering, try to pull it up and clear the ground so your grass can grow unrestricted. Do not forget to clean out your gutters, or you may create a waterfall the next time it rains. Nature will run its course, but you should do your part to ensure your outdoor property is safely maintained.

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Fresh Start To The Year

The most common part of Spring cleaning and maintenance is cleaning out your old junk, so you are not bogged down by clutter in the new year. Go room by room and decide what gets to stay, what can be donated, and what needs to be thrown away. Drawer splitters and closet organizers can help you find a home for some clutter, but do not be afraid to let go of items you don’t need or want anymore. 

Spring is the season of new life and fresh starts, which makes it the perfect time to do some home maintenance and cleaning. Break down your Spring cleaning plans into smaller tasks you can do one day at a time, check on all your essential appliances, give your outdoor space some love, and clear out your clutter for a more relaxing home.

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