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Whether you’re getting Botox for the first time or are counting down days to your next Botox appointment, the last thing you want is spending your hard-earned money only to end up with a botched job. To ensure you undergo the best procedure, here’s a list of five mistakes to be wary of.

1. Rubbing or getting a massage four hours after your Botox treatments

While a gentle massage can help prevent bruising, applying too much pressure isn’t recommended as it can cause your Botox to spread to unwanted areas. This makes your treatment less effective and can result in the relaxation of unintended muscles.

Instead, Botox specialists Los Angeles for example massage it in during the procedure to influence the evenness, distribution, and reliability of your Botox injections.

2. Taking alcohol after getting Botox

If you’re concerned about bruising or have bruised in the past, you may want to avoid alcohol 24 hours after and before your treatment. Although alcohol doesn’t impact the effectiveness of Botox, it increases the risk of bruising.

This is because alcohol stimulates the relaxation and expansion of blood, increasing blood flow near the surface of your skin. Thus, causing puncture sites to continue bleeding.

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3. Working with cowboy clinics

It’s common to find non-medical clinics, especially salons, offering Botox treatments at a cheaper price. While this may save you money initially, it can cost you more in the long run as you’re more likely to end up with a botched job.

It’s wise to work with Botox specialists who have the experience and knowledge required to administer Botox injections safely. Also, avoid getting treatments at Botox parties. Only a trained practitioner can perform Botox injections correctly.

4. Treating only the problem area

Most Botox patients usually want treatment in a small area of their face and never understand why the surrounding area must be treated as well. However, if only the problem area gets injected, your facial movements turn unnatural since the surrounding areas don’t get affected.

Therefore, to ensure your face doesn’t lose its original facial expressions, get treatment in the problem and surrounding areas.

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