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By Naomi Shaw

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Millions of people started working remotely last year as a necessary step, but not everyone took the time to learn how to best work from home. You have certain guarantees and expectations in an office setting, but those rules are not a given when you work from home.

Working from home may sound like a dream for some people, but it is not the easy life some people imagine. You may not have to deal with office issues, but you now have a new selection of issues to deal with. Motivation can be hard to maintain when you are working in a new environment with issues you never had to deal with at work before. Thankfully, you are not alone, or on your own, as many people struggle with the same issues. There are many methods you can use to keep your motivation up while working from home. Finding the best method for you may require a period of trial and error, but if you keep trying, you will find a way that works. Below are just a few ways you can try to keep yourself motivated while working from home. 

Create The Right Environment

One of the best ways to get your work from home motivation is to create a home workspace that suits your needs. Many people made do with the bare minimum to get the job done when they first started working from home, but now it is time to make a proper workspace. Making a comfortable workspace will help you want to stay in that space longer instead of dreading it. If you are working on a computer, you should get a proper desk with enough room for your supplies. Ensure the space has enough light from bulbs or windows as working in dark spaces tends to make you work slower.

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Try to keep forgetting you need to work in your workspace, so you don't need to get up and fetch something every day. Your workspace should also be welcoming, warm, and comfortable according to your preferences. A comfortable and ergonomic chair will help you not feel stiff after sitting all day, while wireless speakers will let you listen to music or a podcast while you work. If you need a microphone for work calls, you can also use a gaming headset to listen to your entertainment and use the mic for calls. Being set up and prepared can go a long way towards making work something you enjoy rather than avoid. 

Lose The Commute, But Keep The Schedule

One of the best things about working from home is that there is no commute to work anymore. Instead of driving to the office, you can walk to your desk. While you are saving time by not commuting, you lose part of your regular routine and schedule. Keeping a routine schedule might not sound important, but humans function best with a standard routine. Removing your commute likely made it harder to get in the morning, and without harder time limits, it can be tempting to slack off and abandon your old routine. 

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You do not need to recommit to your old routine, but rather make a new one that helps with remote work. Set an alarm to get up, get dressed for work, and have some food like you would before a typical commute. Keeping that routine gets you ready and in the right frame of mind for work, even though your commute is only a few feet. Your evening routine matters, too, because you need to be able to check out of work as easily as you check-in. Make a time for when you "go home for the day," and work is over; otherwise, you might accidentally overwork yourself for no reason. 

Limit Distractions, But Plan Breaks

It can be hard to eliminate distractions, and many distractions actually reveal a different issue, and that is a lack of breaks. Distractions happen, but when you start being distracted by everything, it is a sign your brain needs a break. You can only focus for so long, and trying to force yourself to keep working will lower the quality and speed of your work. It is more efficient to take a 10-minute break to refresh and then come back to work. Try your best to limit loud noises, phone notifications, and other common distractions, but if you notice yourself falling out of focus every few seconds, just take a break as it will yield better results overall. 

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Working from home is not objectively any easier or harder than working in an office, as it mainly just presents different problems rather than solving existing ones. It can be hard to keep your motivation up while working from home, but there are steps you can take to make life easier. Start by setting up the proper work from home environment that encourages you to be productive and comfortable. Set a new daily work schedule to replace your commute and restore structure to your workday. Try your best to eliminate distractions, but try taking a short break to refresh your brain and get back to work if you are constantly distracted despite your best efforts. 


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