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Diamonds have been valued and traded for at least five hundred years and possibly even longer, and up until about one hundred years ago, they were shaped into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But, since that time, it is the round brilliant cut diamond that has become king of the diamond cuts, boasting a massive fifty percent of the diamond trade. Why is the round brilliant cut quite so popular?

They're Beautiful

Diamonds are shaped into the round brilliant design – broad table swelling out to a sharply incised girdle and then tapering to a near point at the base – because it enhances a diamond's natural beauty, encouraging the shine and sparkle to appear on the top surface, rather than on the sides or bottom where it will not be seen.

They're Traditional

For as long as diamonds have been traded, the traditional diamond shape has been a favoured one, even dating back into the 1700s. In those days, all diamond cutting and shaping was done completely manually, using carefully crafted tools and excellent eyesight and judgement. These early diamonds were lacking many of the facets that are included in today's round brilliant designs, but they were good enough to attract the attention – and wallets – of those wealthy enough to purchase and wear them.

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They're Mathematically Designed!

Today's round brilliant design was perfected in the 1920s by a mathematician son of a jeweler, who could therefore use the best of both worlds to understand the properties of a diamond and use these to channel the light from all around the diamond into and around the stone, before permitting it to flood out through the top, in an almost eerie display. He was aided in this by the rapid advent of tiny but very strong tools and blades which can cut diamonds with pinpoint precision, maximizing the value of each stone and wasting as little of it as possible.

They're Versatile

Round brilliant cut diamonds are suitable for use in almost any type of jewelry, from engagement rings (their most popular use), to pendant necklaces when teamed with an attractive setting and a sturdy chain, even to tennis bracelets, when up to fifty-six identical round brilliant stones can be set next to each other to create a slender and beautiful glittering band to adorn a wrist. If there is a piece of jewelry to be designed, a round brilliant cut diamond can always find a home in it!

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They're an Investment

Round brilliant cut diamonds, especially those of high quality, will always retain their value, very slowly increasing in dollar value over time. This makes them a great investment, one preferable to other cuts which tend to increase and decrease in popularity, with related fluctuations in their prices. Diamonds are ideal investments being sturdy and durable while being light enough that even a small child could carry a fortune with ease! They are also readily tradable in every country in the world, making them something of a universal currency.

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