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By Maggie Holmes

A Beginners Guide for Women Who Want to Improve Their Personal Style

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Fashion and style are two concepts that are often used interchangeably even though they mean completely different things. Fashion, on one hand, includes the clothes, shoes and accessories that you wear, while style is about how you wear them. In today’s world of fast fashion and trends, it is quite difficult to find your own, personal style.

When searching for a personal style, you shouldn’t focus just on what’s trending at the moment, but the things that fit you well, that are comfortable and that reflect who you are without any words. If you’re tired of not knowing what clothes to combine, when and how and you want to learn how to look chic and trendy at all times, take a look at some useful tips for beginners that we’ve compiled. Have in mind that you don’t have to change your whole look, you can change up your style without starting from scratch

Start with identifying your body type and shape

We are all different and so are our body type and shape. Therefore, not all styles and types of clothes fit every body shape. We should start with identifying our body shape as some outfits simply look better on certain body types. The clothes you choose can easily make you feel and look different. By carefully choosing colors, fabric types and types of clothes, you can make a huge difference in your personal style. Wearing the right clothes helps you in camouflaging your flaws and enhancing your positive features. Whether it’s a plain-colored tee or a little black dress, the right fit will make you look good and feel good.

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Don’t be afraid to try out new things

It’s important to note that clothes can make you noticed. However, it’s also essential to mention that you should be noticed for the right reasons. We need to accept that sometimes improving our personal style can mean adopting a different approach and doing things differently. This means, for example, if you’re used to dressing up formally, you might want to consider wearing something casual for the weekends. It’s enough to just combine one casual thing with something elegant that you’re used to wearing. The point of this kind of combination is to make you look fabulous without looking like you’ve put on too much pressure on yourself in getting ready and choosing items. 

Enhance your best features with makeup

Wearing a little makeup never hurts anyone. In fact, it can only improve a personal look, if used in the right way and amount, of course. Makeup should be used in such a way to enhance our best features and at the same time to hide our imperfections. However, putting on makeup every morning usually takes up some of our precious time, so sometimes we simply decide to skip it. This is not the best approach, though. There are other, more useful ways you can shorten your getting-ready time. For example, you can consider some semi-permanent makeup features such as classic lash extensions or microbladed eyebrows. These two beauty procedures give you the advantage of time every morning, as you don’t have to spend your time shaping your brows as well as curling your lashes and putting on mascara. 

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Pamper your skin and hair

Our skin and hair also important features of our overall look. We can’t pull out a style if our hair is messy and our skin neglected. We should make sure that our skin is well taken care of, which means that we have a certain skincare routine that we follow. It usually includes exfoliating once or twice a week, cleansing it every night as well as putting on some masks and creams for hydration. As far as hair is concerned, it should be clean, neat and trimmed. Make sure it’s healthy by nurturing it with the right products. Another useful thing that can help you in achieving a better style is styling your hair. You should learn some easy and quick ways of styling it every day. 

Learn to observe and imitate

One of the first steps in learning how to style different things lies in careful observation of other people regarding the clothes they wear and the manner they combine them. You should take into account the patterns, colors, types of shoes and accessories they put together. You can do this everywhere, in the street, in the park, at work, on public transportation and so on. Try to find inspiration all around you. If you see an outfit that you like, ask yourself why you like it, what makes it so special and how you could pull it off. The following step would be to try to copy and imitate other people’s style, of course, in your own way. You can always add a personal touch, something of your own. 

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Learning about all these things takes some time, effort and creativity, so have this in mind on your way through fashion styles and trends

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