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As the weather transitions from winter to spring, take some time to rearrange your closet, bringing all your warm weather clothes to the front and pushing those puffer coats to the back. While it’s nice to add a few new wardrobe staples each season, it’s more environmentally friendly to rewear your clothes from last year. Believe it or not, by recycling your clothes rather than contributing to waste, you are reducing your carbon footprint, which aids climate change.

Instead of buying new, give your spring and summer clothes from last year a refresh in the form of accessories. From shoes to bags, jewelry, and hats, you’ll be surprised just how much a statement accessory can upgrade your look. Here are some of the hottest trends in accessories this summer.

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Braided or Quilted Shoes

When you’re wearing a pair of jean shorts and a white tank, swap out your old flip-flops for one of the most stylish trends of the season: a chic pair of braided heeled mules. Your outfit will get an instant upgrade and we’re certain everyone will be looking at your shoes all night. Braided and quilted materials are popping up everywhere, from shoes and bags, so take advantage of this classy trend, which will certainly be around for awhile.

Bold Bags

After being cooped up for so long during the quarantine period last year, everyone is coming out of their homes with colors and maximalist styles. Hop on the bright and bold train with a colorful bag that will liven up any old outfit. While you can try color blocking, it’s easiest to wear a neutral-toned outfit and let your bag be a pop of color.

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Chain Link Jewelry

Forget delicate and minimalist chains, this summer, embrace chunky chains. A chain necklace can be worn casually with a t-shirt, or dressed up with a blazer for work. The versatility of this trend knows no bounds, so you’ll get plenty of usage out of your necklace all summer and beyond.

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Basket Tote

Let’s face it: basket totes have been popular for years and they aren’t going anywhere. They are incredibly practical and hardwearing, from the beach to your backyard. Whether you want to use yours for groceries or your towel and sunscreen, a basket tote can hold everything you need. Wear your basket tote with a little white dress, a bathing suit, or a pair of shorts as you attend all the best events this summer.

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Stylish and Good for the Planet

You may never have thought you could save the polar bears with your clothing choices, but it’s a fact that not creating as much waste helps protect the planet. When you rewear your clothes many times or shop secondhand and vintage, you contribute to a circular fashion economy that keeps clothing out of landfills. If you really want to make a bigger difference, you can also research companies that make animal jewelry that specifically support wildlife conservation.

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