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African fashion inspires clothing right across the world, keeping women looking their best at work or play. This article will discuss the latest fashion trends for women who want to set a trend.

Big Sleeves for A Bold Statement

You can make a bold statement with big sleeves. Statement puffy sleeves make you stand out, allowing you to make any casual outfit edgier. Both your blouses and dresses can feature a trumpet or bell-shaped sleeves for a sophisticated look. Bishop-style sleeves are simple and feminine, allowing you to maximize the impact of this trend in a more conservative setting. When you want to have all eyes on your look, add frills or ruffles to your puffy sleeves.

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Pair this with stunning African accessories such as an African Blackwood bracelet. African Blackwood bracelets are often a deep, rich black, with no discernible grain but they can also have a slight purple hue. This type of wood is very dense, portraying the strength that you need to complete a bold outfit for work.

Show Off Your Shoulders

Off-the-shoulder styles will always allow you to look sexy and show off your toned shoulders. If you've been working hard to get your body looking the way you desire, this option lets you show off your efforts in a relatively modest style. Both off-the-shoulder dresses and blouses are not too revealing and can be balanced by colorful skirts and flattering pants of any length.

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Beautiful African accessories such as earrings can be used to draw attention to your graceful neck. The off-the-shoulder style is suitable for both evening and daytime events, adding instant glam to your look.

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Side Slits

Side slits make it easier to walk in figure-hugging skirts but they also make other dresses and skirts pop. Whether you're in a dress made of woven fabrics that boldly reveals African inspiration or have paired a handmade tribal necklace with a floor-length cotton dress, a side split can turn the glam factor up even more.

Side splits reveal your beautiful legs and this style can be included in your outfit in several ways. Some women choose to go with a single split and draw even more attention to their legs with elegant sandals or ankle jewelry. Others may wear double splits, which look beautiful in fabrics that move with a light breeze.

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While many women traditionally think of dresses and skirts with side splits, you aren't limited to those. Consider elegant jeans with splits that highlight your beautiful calves. Whether in patterned fabrics or solid colors, these are sure to help you make a beautiful statement.

Cool Kimonos

Kimonos originated in Japan but have become popular among African women because of the cool comfort that they offer. These lend the impression that you are floating, allowing you to look relaxed even on really hot days. This style is embraced by women in Africa and the African diaspora.

You can choose a kimono made of the type of fabric that's appropriate for the event you have in mind. Silk and cotton are just some of the available options. To make the kimono more modern, you can shorten its length. Choose colors that help you to stand out at the event that you have in mind.

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Baggy Clothing

You can choose any type of oversized clothing to make a statement, matching the style that's preferred by some hip-hop artists when they are performing on stage. The oversized or baggy style can be seen with baggy jackets and baggy jeans.

Distressed baggy jeans in several colors help you to keep it casual. Frayed cargos and ripped boyfriend jeans are also trendy and can be worn with your cotton, silk, or even lace tops.

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Your accessories complete the look with baggy clothing, so choose a structured handbag in a vivid color that makes your outfit pop even more. Pointed-toe shoes are also a good choice, as is any other statement-making footwear.

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Many women try to achieve the stylish looks that they appreciate on African women. You can select African-inspired clothing and accessories to match your African Bohemian style at QueenZuri. Make a statement in trendy styles that boost your brand and quality handmade pieces that add an edge to every outfit.

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