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By Geraldine Mills

8 Clever Tips to Transform Your Cluttered Closet Into an Organized Oasis

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If you are reading this post, you may be tackling your disorganized closet for the first time. If not, you are looking for a more effective way to do so.

Look, we understand your dilemma. You may have spent the entire day cleaning your closet, only to see it in disarray once again after a couple of months.

However, organizing your closet is an ongoing process. But that does not mean you have to spend an entire day decluttering it.

That said, here are eight tips you can transform your closet into an organized oasis for good:

Declutter by Category

At Planet Maids Cleaning Services NYC, we believe that sifting through your clothes by type is one of the fastest ways to declutter your closet. That's because it prevents overwhelm, which can hinder you from taking action.

That said, sort your clothing items into types: Pants, shorts, dresses, sweaters, coats, tops, underwear, and so on.

Doing so allows you to see similar items. You might be surprised that you have the same sweaters! It also allows you to quickly categorize which items you would want to keep, give away, sell, and dispose of.

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Empty Your Closet

Just because we told you to declutter, it does not mean you only bring out one category at a time. You still need to empty your closet. Doing so allows you to deep clean your wardrobe.

That said, bring out your clothing items a handful at a time and then pile them into categories. Repeat the process until nothing is left in your closet — not even a safety pin.

From there, you can sort which clothes you would like to keep, dispose of, and donate. That way, you will know how much closet space you are likely to occupy once you put back all your "to keep" pile.

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Reorganize Your Closet

If possible, consider detaching or re-attaching your shelves. That way, your closet can occupy as many clothes as possible.

Otherwise, you have to be creative in how you will store your clothes.

Some you will need to hang, and some you can fold. You can also use shelf inserts and hooks to maximize your closet space. Another thing you can do is buy a rolling dresser to add more shelves to your closet.

Whatever method you use, ensure that it will make sense to you.

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Store by Category

Earlier, we told you to sort your clothes by category. You should also store them the same way.

Doing so makes locating your items more straightforward. For instance, you will need a matching handbag for your outfit; you will know where to find it.

Stack Thick Items

Thick items are your denim and sweaters. That's because they are bulky and can take up too much hanging and drawer space.

Moreover, sweaters and denim are less likely to slump and lose their shape. Hence, it would make sense to stack them.

If you want to maximize your closet, you can choose to use Marie Kondo's file folding method. The rationale here is that such a folding method will make it easier for you to locate and pull out a pair of jeans without disorganizing your closet.

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Store Most Used Clothes at Eye Level

Depending on your lifestyle, place your most used clothing items at eye level.

This can be your work-from-home or office attire. If you are a breastfeeding mom, it can be any mommy-friendly clothes.

Whatever it is, it is ideal that they are easy to find and grab, especially at the start of the day when you are yet to have your coffee.

Linens and beddings and less used items should be placed on top shelves. And you can use the bottom shelves to store your shoes and other footwear.

Hang Delicate Items

In relation to keeping similar items together, you should ensure that you have ample hanging space for your delicate items.

We are talking about dresses, skirts, suits, coats, and blazers.

And as Marie Kondo advised, hang the longer items to the left and the shorter ones to the right. This gives your clothes an upward slope, which has an uplifting effect.

Talk about spark joy!

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Use Uniformed Hangers

If you have a limited budget to organize your items, spend it on coordinating hangers. It can make a significant difference!

That's because uniformity emanates a clean and organized look.

What happens is that using uniformed hangers reduces visual clutter. It also gives your closet a sleek and streamlined look.

However, invest in a sturdy set of hangers that would work best with the clothes and closet space you have. Buying a dozen ultra-wide hangers if you only have an 18-inch width does not make sense.

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By following the organization tips listed above, you will never have to worry about organizing your closet again. After all, who would not want to have that euphoric feeling of seeing an organized closet?

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