Tuesday, June 8, 2021


By Eva Fydrych

5 Must-Have Items for Summer 2021

Summertime essentials (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

Our new partnership is here! Today we are going to talk about the hottest summer trends and easy ways to update your look. Ninacloak, an online fashion boutique, offers many interesting options for every fashionista out there: from trendy women's blouses to dresses, shoes, and accessories. Relax, sit back, and enjoy our summer guide!

1. Striped Linen Blouse

Cotton-Lined Striped Long-Sleeved Crew Neck Blouse (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

Linen is such a great fabric for summertime! This stylish striped blouse can be worn with jeans, shorts or elegant white pants. Add a fashionable straw hat and a colourful clutch to complete your look.

Pair it up with comfortable espadrilles, flat sandals or sexy stilettos if you want to glam up your look in the evening.

A pair of bright, eye-catching earrings will go well with this blouse. Have a look out this cute option below:

2. Colourful Tassel Earrings

Fashion Vintage Ethnic Style Embroidered Tassel Earrings (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

These beautiful earrings come in a variety of colour combinations (exactly 9 of them!), so you can choose one that is most suitable for you. With this type of accessories it's really easy to achieve a laid-back boho look. Give it a try this summer and just watch how your outfits change depending on the accessories you wear. It's one of the most basic yet powerful styling tricks.

3. Chic Maxi Dress

Polka Dot Print Loose Short Sleeve Maxi Dress (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

Talking about boho look... For all those ladies who adore that style, we selected a beautiful polka dot dress that can be worn to a variety of occasions. Have a look at the picture above!

Maxi dresses are one of the biggest trends this summer so take advantage of this trend while it lasts. They are an easy solution when you are not sure what to wear and don't have time to select a dress + blouse combination.

Wear this dress with simple sandals as in the picture above or go for a more glamorous version and more subtle colour palette. Gold and light pink is such a beautiful, sophisticated combination (pictured below). Highly recommended!

4. Elegant Flat Sandals

Women's Strappy Beach Flat Sandals (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

Flat sandals in a neutral colour (with a touch of gold) that you can match with a variety of summer outfits - think: dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, and more - are one of our favourite summertime essentials. Make sure you pay extra attention to your feet this season and get a beautiful, matching pedicure. Recommended colours: white, red, and light pink.

5. Funky Jumpsuit

Ladies Fashion Printed Casual Denim Jumpsuit (Photo courtesy of Ninacloak)

Last item on our list of best women's fashion clothing for Summer 2021 shouldn't surprise you. If you have been following fashion trends and catwalk reports for this year, you already know that rompers and jumpsuits are one of the hottest items this season. 

Wear yours with white tennis shoes or silver sneakers for an extra Wow factor. Don't forget to add some colourful accessories to finish up your look.

A great thing about a denim jumpsuit is the fact that you can easily transform it into a fall outfit as well. Just tone down the accessories (we suggest opting for a fall colour palette such as plum, burnt orange, electric blue, dark green, grey or classic black) and add a zip-up hoodie on top to keep you warm.

Have a fantastic summer!

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